Saturday, November 14, 2020



I remember the phone call from scheduling! Someone's called in sick.  Get out to the airport! Your flight leaves in one hour! Back then we had no cell phones!  We were glued to the land line!

I remember my heart pounding a bit!  "Here we go! Please God, don't let me mess up!"

Once I arrived at Inflight Scheduling they pointed to an aircraft, handed me a piece of paper that showed my itinerary - and said GO!

As I boarded the stairs to the Convair 580 the agent behind me said they were sending out the passengers!  I did a fast check on emergency equipment, stuck my head in the cockpit to tell them I was there, and on came the passengers.  I was a bit nervous, but got through the boarding and take-off without incident. I know my very first "Welcome aboard" announcement was fairly shaky!

At this point I had only seen the back of the pilots heads, and a quick peek at that!  A pilot's voice came over the P.A.  It was a deep, mellow, baritone voice.  In my minds eye I pictures a tall man, rugged looking, tan, maybe with a mustache.  I brought water to the cockpit and asked who made that really nice announcement!  Imagine my surprise when the First Officer turned to me and in that deep velvet voice said "I did!"  It was Marv Blakesley! He was baby faced, big blue eyes, devilish grin, and stood all of 5 foot 8!  I had to chuckle to myself as I corrected the picture in my head!

I remember the pilots being reassuring and encouraging.  I made it through the first trip without problems.  First Officer Marv Blakesley became someone I flew with often during the first half of my career.  He was funny, wonderful with the passengers, and had a humor that was engaging.. I can't think of a better crew to have flown my first trip with!  I wish I could remember the name of the Captain- but it's lost to me!

I will have future stories about my flights with Marv as a First Officer and as a Captain- all pretty funny!

Life is indeed an adventure. And who can forget their first day on the job!

Until next time, Dear Readers!


Marge said...

Flying with Marv was always a delight. Yes, he did have an awesome PA voice and the sweetest smile on earth. RIP Marv - I miss you.

The Flight Nun said...

Dear Marg- How true- a "Delight" is a wonderful way to put it! His humor and smile was contagious to all who encountered him! R.I.P., Marvelous Marv!