Wednesday, November 18, 2020


The airlines have a strict rule about not showing up for a  flight as a Stewardess/ Flight Attendant!  A "No-Show" would be subject to termination! Keep this in mind as I tell you this tale!

I was living in Ypsilanti, Michigan- about a 30 minute drive to the airport.  I was flying early morning one or two day trips, and was used to leaving my apartment when it was still dark outside!

On this particular morning I woke to the sun in my face!  What!!?? I jumped from bed and looked at my electric alarm clock.  It was blank- meaning we had lost power.  In fact- all the clocks were blank!  No electricity.  I grabbed the phone.  No phone service!  I was in a panic!  Oh No!  I had overslept!  And no way to call Crew Scheduling!

Jumping into my uniform, grabbing my makeup bag- I raced out of the apartment to my car.  I remember my heart pounding in my throat!  I could only pray- "Please God- No!"

Along the way I found a pay phone!  I think I dropped the change 2 or 3 times before I got my nerves under control.  I got ahold of scheduling to find out my trip had indeed left, with them having to call out a reserve.  I needed to call my Supervisor!

Now I knew- I was going to be fired!  I called Marlyn Main- the base Supervisor.  When she answered the phone I know I was crying.. Between sobs I said I just called to say goodbye! She asked what happened!  I told her about the power outage, the phone being out, and how sorry I was to loose my job-  saying all this between sobs.  

Marlyn Main was quiet for a moment- then said words I'll never forget!

"Take today off, without pay.  The company believes you can be rehabilitated! Start fresh on your next flight. And Marcy?  Buy yourself a wind up alarm clock!"

After hanging up I stood for a full moment, staring at the phone in my hand! The relief was overwhelming! I think it took another hour for my heart rate to return to normal. And about that long to stop crying- this time from relief!

About an hour after I returned home the electricity and phone came back on!  

For some reason I was always tongue tied around Marlyn Main.  She had a commanding presence about her.  But she was fair and compassionate.  I spent the rest of my career forever grateful for her kindness and understanding! 

Life Is Indeed An Adventure!  And Some Of Those Difficult Moments Remain In Our Memories As A Reminder Of Kindness Shown By Another!



unit 501 said...

At Northwest Orient, the same rule applied during training.
One day I was late returning from lunch. As I was running down the hall at full speed, I turned the corner and ran smack into the two instructors. They were late also.

I wasn’t released from training but made to stand in front of the class and apologize!

The Flight Nun said...

Dear 501- Well, standing and apologizing sure beats being sent home! But I'm sure it was a bit embarrassing! Still, so glad you could continue to have such a wonderful career!

Wilhelmina said...

Close call! Did you get that windup alarm clock? I LOVE your stories!

The Flight Nun said...

Dear Wilhelmina- Yes- went out that day and bought 2! I'm thrilled you enjoy the stories! Thank you for following along as I meander down memory lane!

Unknown said...

My very first time ever flying was to interview with u in msp flew from CWA to msp, o e
loved it and knew I wouldn't be happy till I flew constantly. Thank you. North
Central for being a start to my Career path. I got my dream job because I knew my feet would never stay on the ground. Flying was my life

The Flight Nun said...

Dear Unknown Reader- Thank you for your comments! I understand about not wanting the feet to stay on the ground! Perfectly said!