Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Marcy's Travel Blog- No Delay Will Rob Me Of My "Happy Place"!!

Yesterday I left you with my plans for "running away"--o.k., not running, but flying away to someplace warm!

I indeed boarded the plan in Flint, heading to Atlanta! The only glitch? Security at the Flint Airport took my toothpaste! Yes! This former Flight Attendant sinned by bringing a full size tube of Ultra Bright toothpaste in her luggage!

Personally, I'm not sure what harm toothpaste can possibly do, but then-- I'm not a chemist! Though I was shocked, I was not about to create a scene. You want the toothpaste? Fine.

I was blessed with a lovely seat mate who works for IBM. There was a teen in the window seat, the IBM lady in the center seat, and I was on the isle. The teen promptly went to sleep shortly after takeoff. I purchased snack boxes, since I hadn't had breakfast, nor would I have lunch. I was happy to share some of my snack with Ms. IBM, who in turn made sure that the sleeping teen had a beverage and pretzels once awake.

The teen did indeed wake before we landed, who we found out had never flown before! The was a First Flighter! To fall asleep on a first flight seemed amazing to me! On my first flight, I sat with my nose pressed awaits the window from takeoff to landing!

Once we landed at the G concourse in Atlanta, I realized my next flight was to leave from the A concourse. Not only do they NOT have moving walk ways at the G concourse, but after walking for about a mile (or so it seemed in 2 1/2 inch heels),  you have to take a train to concourse A. Once there, the gate was at the far end. O.k.- I needed the exercise anyway.

Remember that I am on a pass, and therefore on standby. I sat and waited for my name to be called. Passengers were boarded- then came the announcement- "The Flight Was Full!" Oh dear. I sent a message to my lovely hostess, Kim, that I would be trying for the next flight.  The next flight was--guess where. Yep, at the A concourse! I refused to feel grouchy! I knew eventually I would get to Columbia, and as far as the high heeled hike? I put on my Big Girl attitude and headed back the way I came!

Once at the A concourse again, I sat and said a silent prayer that I would get on this flight. Behind me was a couple in the middle of a heated discussion about lunch. (How can someone be so angry over a lunch?) It seemed that the wife was trying to control the husband's diet, and he had just purchased a hot dog! He silently sat, munching away on the hot dog while the woman belittled and berated. I was about to move to a different boarding area seat (somewhere less tense), when the husband finally quietly spoke. He said "I love you, even when you have more wine than you should, eat so many raw veggies you crunch through every meal, and snore at night. I think you can love me if I eat a hot dog once in a while." She sat silent for about a full minute before she started to laugh! "O.k.- o.k., she said. You're right." -Whew! I was surprised how he defused that, but kudos to him! People are indeed interesting!

But on to my flight. Everyone had boarded. There I sat, thinking I was going to have another flight to wait for. The agent called my name, and apologized for giving me a center seat. I thanked her profusely for that center seat and boarded the airplane! As I looked for my seat, I saw the "arguing over lunch" couple, snuggled together in first class. I grinned at the husband, and he winked back, knowing why I was smiling. Funny!

One of my seat mates on this flight was an engineer. I opened my Sudoku section of the inflight magazine and proceeded to work on the puzzles. At one point he asked me if I had solved them, and I said yes. We then ended up in a discussion about "right brain vs. left brain" activities. That was a very interesting discussion!

We approached our runway for the landing, came close to touching down (or so it seemed)- then the plane powered up and off we went, back into the wild blue yonder! I knew we were doing what is called a "go around", but my engineer seat mate seemed very alarmed. It had never happened to him, not in all his years of flying. I explained that there was probably an airplane on the runway that hadn't moved out of the way yet. But the poor man was gripping the arm rests, not really believing me. Once the Captain made a P.A. to that effect, the poor engineer relaxed. On our next try we landed safely, but the brakes were applied hard, and again my seat mate became part of the white knuckle gang. As we pulled up to the gate, he said "I HATE FLYING!!" Poor man.

And then I gathered my luggage and walked out into the 50 degree sunshine! As the above picture shows, I was tired but happy! Happy to be wearing sun glasses without the need of gloves and boots!

All three of my lovely ladies, plus my hostess Kim's daughter came to get me! What beautiful young women they are! Full of life and joy, down to earth, and so loving! I am blessed to be part of their lives! As I mentioned in my last blog, these three ladies are daughters of my best friend. I've watched them grow up, and love them dearly!

Off to Kim's home we went. Spaghetti casserole was waiting! Autumn, Kim's daughter wanted to show me all the animals on this 3 acre ranch, but that we decided to save until later.

Tomorrow will be lots of pictures! This afternoon, all three families are gathering for my Hobo Stew! Tune in then, and see if my stew is a success--or if they order carry out!

Life is an adventure, through delays, frightened seat mates, go-arounds, and all!

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