Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Marcy's Travel Blog- "Dear Lego, Inc. - I Am No Longer A Fan!!"

My sweet grandson Evan would smile and forgive, even if his heart was broken. Do you see what he's holding up- from me? A book! Oh- I had bigger plans for his Christmas. The two books I got him were little extras. No, what I had ordered for Evan was his favorite! Lego's! Even though he's only eight, Evan loves architecture! Lego's now has a division of architecture designs! I ordered him the White House!

Lego Inc. posted on their website that if you got your order in by the 18th, the shipping would be free, and you'd receive the order before Christmas! My order went in! Then I went out of town for a few days. You can imagine my disappointment when I got back in town, checked my e-mail, and was informed by Lego Inc. that the item was not in stock! (They didn't know that when I put my order in?!)

Needless to say, I called right away to cancel my order. What good is a Christmas gift that won't be there for Christmas?! I spoke with a woman named Staci. She informed me that the item was back in stock, and ready to be shipped! But wait- it won't get here for Christmas! Cancel the order!! Staci informs me that because of the back order problem, they will express ship it to me, at their expense, and I will receive it on Friday- Saturday to the latest! I made sure she had all the correct info, including my phone number.

This is where it gets bad. Friday came, no package. I wasn't worried- yet. Saturday came- no package. I checked the shipping status, and found out it wouldn't arrive until the 28th! I was irate!  Of course, Lego Inc. was closed for the holidays, including the customer service department! Oh joy. How does a grandmother walk in with all sorts of gifts for the granddaughter, and two  books for the grandson!!?? Not only did I feel for Evan, I felt bad for ME! How do you say to an eight year old, "Sorry kid! It'll get here one of these days".  A Christmas gift after Christmas is rather anti-climatic, don't you think?!

Evan said "It's o.k., Nonna." But he's such a sweet boy, he'd say that with a broken heart. And it really isn't o.k. Not for him. Not for me.

I wrote a scathing letter. I was hot! Their product is mainly for children. Couldn't they be more responsible at Christmas time?!  Monday, the day after Christmas, I receive this letter.

Dear Marcy,
Thanks for getting in touch with us.
I'm really sorry to hear you're unhappy about the way we've dealt with your order. We work very hard to provide the best service we possibly can to LEGO® fans and their families.  I looked into your order, and it seems as if the shipping had been upgraded when the order was already processing, so it did not take effect.  I am so sorry that your grandson did not receive a present in time for Christmas.  I can understand how disappointed you were, and for this, I have sent a $15 gift card to you as a courtesy.

The letter was signed Alexis.  Now, folks. What Lego item of any note can you get for $15??!! I wrote back to Alexis

   Neither the $15 gift certificate nor your so called explanation is well received! Neither are a compensation for my little grandson's disappointment, nor mine! I needed to be told when I put my order in that it was not in stock! If I had been made aware of it THEN, I would have found something else for him. And when the upgrade didn't "go through", I needed to be contacted by phone. You folks had my phone number! But I don't believe you. Until that package left your facility, the upgrade could have been put into effect. I think someone just didn't bother. As for your $15 gift certificate- don't bother. I find that an insult!

I received this same letter from someone named Jesse. Needless to say, my reply was the same. Except I wrote again stating that you readers would know of my fiasco! So here it is the 27th. I'm out of town until the 31st!! When I do get the package I'll have to figure out when to get it to my grandson without my 2 year old granddaughter knowing. She won't understand that a gift to him and not for her is -well- a late gift for him! What a mess!

Do you see why I am no longer a fan of Lego Inc.? I use to think buying direct from them was the way to go- thereby getting exactly what you want. But after this experience, I really don't want to deal with them again! As for their $15 gift certificate, all I can say is YOU'VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!

Whew! Glad I got that off of my chest! What a disappointment, what a mess, eh? Customer service "ain't" what it use to be, even at Lego Inc.!! I think I'll be boycotting them for quite a while! I certainly won't entrust them with Birthday or Christmas gifts again! Those times are too special for children- far too special to be messed up by Lego! And at my age, how many more Birthdays and Christmas's do I have to share with them??!!

Meanwhile- life goes on. Evan will eventually get his gift, and may not remember down the road that he had a Christmas morning with very little from me. But I have a LONG memory, and I WILL NOT FORGET!

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