Thursday, October 6, 2011

Marcy's Travel Blog- Brighton, Mi.'s Yum Yum Tree - A Family Adventure!

Evan and Payton happy to be here!
   When I told my grandchildren we were going to the Yum Yum Tree in Brighton, they both cheered! Obviously, the Yum Yum Tree is more than just a restaurant! Located on Main Street, you walk into a side entrance, and immediately are confronted on the left with the ever tempting ice cream counter. How many different flavors? I couldn't tell you. I will say that on more than one occasion I have been overcome by temptation, and left with two scoops of something yummy atop a waffle cone!

 Yum Yum Tree's interior is a walk back in history. Not only does it have an old fashion "soda fountain" feel to it, there are historic pictures lining the walls. The booths are wooden and high backed, the tables have old fashion looking chairs, all give it a casual and cozy atmosphere.

The train, coming round the bend
    Then there's the train! (or should I say trains?) Running the upper perimeter of the dining room is a train track. A train always seems to be running on that track. I don't know how many different trains they have, but I often see new and different engines and cars. It's fun for the kids to see "what train" might be running today!. From time to time you can hear the train whistle blow. If you ask a waitress, they will be sure to blow that whistle for your child, or the child in you!

Payton looking forward to nuggets!
Please, Nonna! May I have more?
   My grandchildren are partial to the chicken nuggets. Two year old Payton got smiley fries with hers. I also have an 8 year old grandson,Evan, who found out today that the kids menu, while wonderful, no longer satisfies the appetite of a growing "bigger" kid! So- we ordered another. (Note to self! Start feeding Evan as if he were an adult!) I ordered my Yum Yum favorite, bacon cheese burger! Yum!

   Our waitress today was Samantha. She was very friendly and helpful. Everything we ordered was hot when we got it, so we knew it didn't sit long in the kitchen! Since Evan ordered another whole  kids meal, we did have to wait a bit for his second course. The kids topped off their meals with-you guessed it- ice cream.

   Thank you Samantha for your service. Keep up that warm smile. And thank you to owner Burt, who's found a way to give the kids, and the kids in all of us a fun yummy place to visit! So, if you happen to be walking the walkways and bridges of Brighton's duck pond, stop at the Yum Yum Tree for an ice cream cone or a meal! And be sure to ask the waitress to have the train blow it's whistle! What fun!

The train runs atop Yum Yum Tree's symbol of family fun!!

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