Sunday, April 30, 2017

Marcy's Travel Blog- The Personal Journey To Recovery!

Greetings To All!

   When last I left you, I was being released from the hospital with three medications, five pounds lighter, and with a sense of determination.  My stedfast Angel, Daughter-in-law Mia Lawson picked me up from the hospital, picked up my medications, brought me home, helped me grocery shop, and cleaned my house!  I've often said- "Mia is the glue that holds this family together!"  A special THANK YOU to my Angel!

   Now came the time I carefully planned my recovery.  My goal was to regain strength and heal my heart, if that was possible. January was a time of building back a bit of stamina with walking. I also found out during my follow-up visit to Michigan Heart that my thyroid was Way Under active.  The speculation was that the low thyroid levels, coupled with my "pushing on" may have caused my heart to go into A-Fib.  A blood test determined that my thyroid was even less active then when I was in the hospital!  So- now I'm on four medications.

   In February I added Tae Chi.  I've often enjoyed watching the slow motion dance that Tae Chi seemed to be, and had wanted to give it a try. I found a set of teaching videos that gave a step-by-step procedure to Tae Chi--right up my alley, since that's my best way to learn.

   In March I added "Low Impact" aerobics. Another blood test showed my thyroid levels were still not what they should be, so they doubled my dose.  My "belly" was now flat again, and my weight back to normal.

   I will add that it seemed that my body wanted a day of rest after two days of activity.  I was beginning to listen to my body, for once!  Not that I still didn't push a bit, but I was determined to get stronger and healthier- without putting myself back in the hospital!

   This month I added weights to my workouts- every other day.  I'm talking 2 and 3 pound weights- just enough to get my muscles use to a bit more activity.

   I still had good days- and days I wanted to sleep all day!  But more than anything else, my goal of living to 103 is still strong within me!  Now came my second echocardiogram.  I felt better, looked a bit more like myself, and was at a good weight.  But still, I was a bit anxious to see what the Cardiologist would say.

   When the Doctor came into the room, he gave a happy rap on the door, and came in with a beautiful smile on his face and announced "I have Good News"! - No more A-Fib, no damage to the heart- the heart has healed, the blood pressure is good, lungs are good, and the heart rate has stabilized!

   Today is my Birthday- so it seems appropriate to share this good news today!

   To all my Angels out there, to all who said prayers and gave words of encouragement- I say a heart felt THANK YOU!

   Every day is a gift, every experience (Good as well as Bad) is an opportunity to learn!

   Happy Spring to all!  I'm looking forward to a new travel adventure soon, and am anxious to share it with you!

   Until then, dear readers- remember- "Life is an Adventure, even when it's a bumpy ride!"