Saturday, November 14, 2015

Marcy's Travel Blog- Today My Heart Is Breaking!

This is not my usual blog post- but thoughts from my heart to share out into the World.

Although I have So much to be grateful for, today my heart is heavy! Yet another terrorist attack that has left 120 plus dead! I sometimes despair of the human race. I know that the cruelty is global, that this sort of thing happens even when we don't know of it. (Like in Africa) Is there no way for people to settle scores, settle differences than this? Is it greed, or arrogance? It's an age old question, one that I pondered as a small child hearing about World War II- and every war since. By now, at the age of 69 I should be immune to it all- but I'm not. Each life taken, each act of cruelty breaks my heart. And families are left without Fathers, Mothers, Children, tearing the hearts of all who are left behind. So senseless! We Americans need to be mindful of our own actions too, for we do not have the best history either. From what was done to the Native Americans to slavery, to fights for civil rights, we all have to be watchful of our own hearts and actions. 

Prayers and compassion I send to all who have lost!

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