Sunday, November 1, 2015

Marcy's Travel Blog- Halloween, Family Style!

I thought I'd do a quick selfie - before the ghoulish fun began!  I headed to my son Steven's home, where Halloween is a spectacular event in artistic horror!  I was to be a Witch!  My duty was to hand out candy while Steven and his family canvassed the neighborhood, scaring the heck out of little kids and demanding candy!


Granddaughter Payton is normally blond with straight hair!  She greeted me at the door, showing off her dark sparkly curls in a "up-do"!

When I arrived, son Steven was already hard at work, turning my beautiful grandson into ..well, something less beautiful!

(The Artist at work! If he ever decided to stop flying, he could be a makeup artist for horror movies!)

 Finishing touches for the face!  Is that really my Grandson Evan?!

Ripping and shredding the shirt!  Touching up the "loose skin" on the head!  Oh My!

My beautiful daughter-in-law was transforming into a vampire! Those red eyes even freaked out my son, and he's fearless! Ha!

The Zombie is complete!  Wow!

(I guess the days of being a bunny or a super hero are gone!) Ya think?! Ha!

 Since a picture is worth a thousand words- I'll just share via camera my reaction to my grandson's face!

 My turn! Steven told me he was going to paint me the way he always saw me!  Thanks, Kid!! Ha!

The final product was pretty scary!

Two vampires!  I have to say, granddaughter Payton almost carried off being scary-- almost.

Something was lurking around the corner!  Oh Dear!
 (Sorry, but there's no family resemblance from MY side! )

Son Steven has been scaring the heck out of little kids with this mask for a few years now!

I have to say, my family gets pretty elaborate when it comes to this holiday! I thought the kids looked scary as hell, in other words, great!

Well here's their family portrait!  I think the guy on the right is the cutest, but it may just be a "Mother's Love".  Lol!

Off they went in search of candy and scare opportunities.  I stayed back to hand out candy, but often the little ones saw me waving and RAN! Their folks convinced them it was okay- but I noticed they stayed pretty close! Must be because of the silly rumor we Witches gobble little children!  We never gobble before fattening them up, silly people! Ha! (Insert cackle laughter!)

Now this is a freaky picture! It looks like a death ray is coming from my eyes! Oh no!

I seriously have no idea how I got that picture! A bit strange!

I have to say, Steven and I had some good laughs together!  This "laughing" picture cracks me up!

And then I said goodbye to family and headed home!  On the way I mused that if I got in an accident, or pulled over my license picture would not match my green face!

And let's talk about the color green!  It's really NOT easy being green!  Soap doesn't take it off! Makeup remover barely touches it!  Finally- a combination of olive oil and Pond's cream removed most of the color!  But oh, it was well worth it!  What fun I had!

Life is an adventure!  Making new fun family memories is one of the best  adventures of all!

Thanks for following along my silly, ghoulish, and somewhat horrifying Halloween family adventure!

Until next time!

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