Thursday, October 1, 2015

Marcy's Travel Blog- Road Trip Day #8 - Homeward Bound!

Yesterday morning we said our "goodbye's" to Traverse City and the staff at the Comfort Inn. Our stay had been another wonderful experience. We thank you folks at the Comfort Inn for your gracious hospitality! From the staff at the front desk to all the folks who work there, there was always a smile and warm greeting!  It made for a very pleasant experience!

Off we went into the morning sunshine!  Gertie GPS Jr. minded her manners yesterday, only throwing "Recalculating" fits whenever we stopped for food, gas, or a rest stop! And with my protesting tail bone, we did stop often! 

 Gertie did pronounce things in a rather unusual way. Between that and my poor old ears, it led to some funny moments! At one point I said with some shock- "What did she say??! It sounded like TURN ON GODDAMN ROAD!"  Diana got the giggles.  No! She said turn on GODDARD Road!  Oh my! (Love those little imperfections in life that give us humor!) 

At each stop, Mother Nature had something lovely to offer! Though we didn't have the Fall colors we had hoped for, Michigan still provided us with breath taking beauty!

This rest stop and Michigan information center certainly knows how to grow beauty!

There were these metal sculptures honoring the road workers who have kept the roads passable! The sun was against me on the first picture. I couldn't get the right angle to show all the figures, but you get the idea! This was south of Clair, Mi.

We stopped at a Bob Evans for a big lunch near Mt. Pleasant. Once again we had yummy food. Kelsi was our server, and took good care of us! We have been SO fortunate this trip! Our hotel and restaurant experiences have all been wonderful!

Heading south, the sky suddenly took on a very "other world" appearance! The sun, shinning through the clouds produced quite  the picture!

Back on U.S. 127 S. towards Lansing! We were getting close to home! I started getting the dropsies! First a pen, then my glasses, fumbled with my notebook, then dropped the pen again!  Between sitting and the sunshine, and not much sleep the night before- my eyelids were getting VERY heavy!  I fought going to sleep! 

Diana and I chatted about our trip, the weather, whatever would keep me awake! At one point Diana mentioned that the clouds looked "cold", with their large, low hanging, dark bottoms!

Now for "The Rest Of The Story"! One last stop at a rest stop! I'm half asleep, heading for the bathroom.  There was a gal in the forye stocking the snack machines. As I watched her, I turned right into the restroom.  There, standing at a urinal was a tall gentleman! I let out a yelp! Well, sort of a scream, as I realized I had made quite an error!  The poor man turned to see what was going on, mid-stream! Oh MY!! I turned blindly- and ran into the wall! As quick as I could I did an exit and went across the hall to the bathroom marked "WOMEN"!!  Now- what to do?!? Do I stay in this bathroom until I'm sure he's left the area? Do I apologize? How the heck did THAT happen!? After my own visit to the john I peaked around the corner.  It was all clear. Back at the car I relayed my little "OOPS" adventure to Diana.  Peals of laughter came from our car!  Well, a little humor on our part, though I'm not sure the gentleman in the bathroom found it funny!  I think he pee'd on his shoes! 

Note to self:  Do NOT sleep walk into a bathroom!

Oh my! So now I'm wide awake!  The rest of the drive was uneventful.  Gertie had survived our many side stops along the way.  We luckily did not get shanghaied by Gertie's love of neighborhoods, and the weather was wonderful!

This morning I sat on my porch, sipping my morning coffee and looking at this beautiful sky! I am so grateful for my adventures, great and small, and the fun of sharing them all with you dear readers!  Thank you for following along!  

There are new adventures to be had, some far away- and some out our own back door! May each of you enjoy the day, and the adventures they bring!

Until next time!

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