Friday, October 16, 2015

Marcy's Travel Blog- On The Road Again- Day #5- Homeward Bound!

What a wonderful visit! My dear friend Gail and I have been friends for over 50 years!  (How is that possible?!)  To have a friend for that long, one knows how solid and true that friendship is!  What a joy- and blessing to know this woman!

After saying my goodbyes, I stopped just a little way from their home to take this picture.  What a glorious day! Sunshine, warmer temperatures, and beautiful scenery!  Perfect!

At a rest stop south of Big Rapids I saw this vehicle! I took a picture, hoping to go on line and find out more about this smaller RV!  I'm sure I looked rather suspicious, circling this vehicle! (I don't think I was peering in the windows, but I certainly was checking it out)

The woman who owns this was standing near the building, watching me.  (I don't blame her! Ha!)  So- I approached to get some info!

That's how I met the lovely couple who own this! They even gave me a tour!  This vehicle is solar powered, with a backup generator! It's perfect for one or two people!  Not a lot of storage room, though having a little pod one could tow would be easy, I think! This certainly is something to consider!! (And a THANK YOU to the friendly couple who so graciously shared their information with me!)

South I headed into the sunshine, counting my blessings along the way! What a glorious day!

 The sky ahead of me was beginning to look more overcast, but the Fall colors were magnificent for the moment.

Gail had told me about this lovely little town just north of Grand Rapids, Michigan called "Rockford".

They indeed had many lovely shops and restaurants.  I stopped and shopped a little.  I'm fond of shawls and big scarves- and found a few to add to my Fall/ Winter wardrobe.

The sky was now overcast and looked like rain was on the way! My "color tour" was over. I jumped on the expressway and headed for Howell and home.

My Uncle Jimmy always said good company is like good fish! After three days, you start to be stinky!
Well, I stayed one day longer, but my friends didn't seem to mind!

Taking a three person "selfie" was such fun!

Thank You, David and Gail!  As always, you were again gracious and kind hosts! And I so enjoyed getting together with your son Troy and his family! Love you guys!

Life is such an adventure! Old, true friends and new folk you meet along the way make for one wonderful ride!

An interesting note:  Both David and Gail are involved in "Disaster Relief" through their church!  In talking to them, I found out some wonderful and fascinating facts about what all their group does! David will be heading to South Carolina soon to aid the flood victims there!

A bit about some of the work that is done through this group will be part of my next blog!

Thank you'll, dear readers,  for coming along and allowing me to share in my adventure!

 I encourage you to stop and look for beauty!
Connect with and Enjoy some old friendships!
And open yourself to meeting some new and interesting people!
 It makes the adventure of living a Joy!

Until next time!

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