Thursday, October 15, 2015

Marcy's Travel Blog- On The Road Again- Day #4

We had a touch of blue in the sky Wednesday! It was a promise of better weather ahead!

Gail had a few business chores to do, then off we went into the new day!

Gail and David have a River House they are in the process of building.

Off we went- seeing beautiful scenery along the way!

The colors here are pretty muted.  We knew that when the sun comes out it will be a fantastic display of color!

This is a view of the Muskegon River from Gail's River house! A little bit of history: On January 29th, 2013 this river flooded- It was called the 100 year flood. The original house that stood on this property was destroyed.

This is the fireplace from the original home, restored now as an outdoor fireplace at their picnic area.

Here is their sweet "get away" River House, in the process of becoming an adorable place.  I love their glider swing- which was a gift from a friend of theirs!

One last look at the river.  What a tranquil setting!  I certainly see why David and Gail chose to build here!

Off we went to Amish country, just around the bend from this River House!

The "Miller Family" are friends of Gail and David's, and have helped with some of the River House work. Since they're Amish, I chose not to even ask to take their picture, nor did I take a picture of their farm.  David tells me Mr. Miller has 15 children!  And every one of them is a joy to know.

I purchased this basket (above) along with some snack mix and peach jam at their bakery!

Back to Gail's home!  The Picture above the mantel says "Give Us This Day.

I decided to wander their 20 acre farm a bit.  I know that if you look closely, you often find breathtaking beauty that can be missed in the hustle and bustle of life.

As you can tell, the sky cleared to a beautiful blue, with marshmallow fluffy clouds!  And the bushes were showing off their colors!

Pictures speak louder than words- so take a look at the "beauty" I found on my walk around a small portion of their farm!

I've never seen so many pine cones on one tree!

As the sun set and dinner was served, I gave thanks to whatever power there be for this wonderful day, for being able to see the beauty that is in this place, and for my dear friends!

As I begin to start the last day of my adventure, I am reminded at how wonderful Mother Nature, Friendship, and laughter can be the best part of any adventure!

Follow along as I begin Day #5- the last leg of this particular adventure.

Life is indeed an adventure!  Stopping to look closely for the beauty around us is indeed a walk into a dimention of discovery!

Until tomorrow!

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