Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Marcy's Travel Blog- On The Road Again! Day #3

We were blessed with a day of drizzling rain yesterday!  So- what does one do when they can't go out and play?  Well, Gail had Real Estate business to attend to. I taught David how to play Sudoku!

Oh oh!  LOL!  He's really gotten into the game, and started doing really well!  But….how to get him away from that addicting game?!

Grocery shopping! That's how!  Gail and David's son" Troy" and his family were coming for dinner.  Time to buy supplies!

David was fun to shop with, since he carefully meanders the the isles, trying his best to only buy what's on the list.  Grocery stores are a tempting place!

In went the roast! Potatoes and carrots peeled and added. Then, see the above picture.  Ha! David was bound and determined to master the game of Sudoku.  (What was I thinking, teaching him that game?!)

David and Gail had gotten a "Banana Squash"- something I've never heard of!  But David was game, pulling the recipe up from the internet.  That was his project for dinner.  The house was smelling wonderful!  Troy and family arrived.  Cheese, crackers, and munchies were placed on the table to hold everyone over until dinner time.

At last the meal was ready. And it was yummy!

(One small glitch and note to self:   A" Propane" oven will cook faster, and with a higher heat than electric ovens! I lost the great broth and beef juices that usually are in the roasting pan. - sob!) But, everyone ate their fill, so it wasn't a total disaster.

This family is so much fun! What a joy to have known them for so long! They have Love and Humor to keep them going! Not a bad combination!

From left to right: Gail, David, Troy's wife Kelly, and Troy.  Front left Troy's girls Dezirae and Makenzie.

Today promises to be good weather.  Gail and I are off on our own!  (Oh-oh!) Yep, we're going to see what sort of mischief we can get into!  So- check back tomorrow! You never know what adventures are just around the corner!!

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