Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Marcy's Travel Blog- On The Road Again! Day #2

For those who have just joined us- I am visiting my dear friend "Gail" in Big Rapids, Michigan! My Monday Morning coffee was on Gail's front porch- looking at this lovely scene on the left!

Not a bad way to start the day! In counting my blessings, my cup runnith over!

Gail's a Real Estate agent, so we ran into town to show a house, then headed to Panera's for breakfast!  Their baguettes with cheese and butter, along with a cup of coffee equals a good breakfast! I love having pal chat time with Gail! ! Food, sharing ideas, along with a lot of humor  always seems to enhance a meal!  We're not quite "Thelma and Louise"- but we're close.

With the sky turning overcast- we headed toward home.  It was looking like rain most of the afternoon!

The sky remained overcast, but no rain, so I went down to introduce myself to the horse.

Bucky is about 20 years old and as gentle as can be!

 The moment these chickens saw me walking towards them, they ran to the fence! I couldn't believe how friendly they were!

A bit TOO friendly, as it turned out! As soon as I opened the gate they hovered around my feet! And no matter where I walked, they followed right behind me!

My next adventure was in gathering eggs!  I counted 19 before I realized someone was following me.

And she didn't seem happy!

Mission completed!

  My dear friends Gail and David decided I had completed my "farm chores" for the day!  Time for dinner!

The restaurant of choice- named "Chase Creek Smoke House" happens to boast the largest ceiling fan in the world!

This rustic setting with long wooden tables, "log" chairs and relaxed atmosphere bids WELCOME to the fisherman, hunter, motorcyclist, local resident- or weary traveler!

This was our server, Shelby- who took excellent care of us, all with a genuine smile.  Thank you, Shelby! You helped make for a very pleasant evening!

From the Chicken wings to the Beef Taco Salad, Chicken, Sliders- to the wine--all was delicious!

David and I were "partners in crime" when it came to dessert!

Mine was a Hot fudge brownie sunday.  David chose the Snicker cheese cake!  Gail did not order dessert, so I shared mine with her! (It's only fair to share the calories, right?)  Ha!

We waddled back to the car, happily moaning over our full bellies.  We headed home to reminisce some of our long past history, then off to bed!

What a lovely day, overcast skies threatening rain and all!

Today we have more bad weather coming.  If it's yucky outside, there's only one thing to do!  Cook! So, today I am preparing dinner for the Wyatt clan- at least the part of the clan that's in Michigan!

Stay tuned to find out how our day turns out!   Will I burn the dinner?   Will  the chickens and I make friends! Will I continue to break all my diet rules?!?  (All good questions!)  Until tomorrow!

Life is an adventure!   Friends, feathered fowl, and food make for one fun day!!

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