Monday, October 12, 2015

Marcy's Travel Blog- On The Road Again! Day #1 !

Sunday:  What a beautiful day to travel!

I headed  West and North to Big Rapids, Michigan via express ways this time.

I plan to take secondary roads on the way back home, but I was anxious to see my dear friend Gail and her family!

The sun was so bright that all my pictures had a "Monet" quality, like they were water colors!  I took a few photos (like the one above) when I stopped at some Rest Areas along the way..  Today's adventure was about people watching at these stops.

At one of the stops I pulled up next to a family who were just getting out of the car.  The  3 children looked to be preschool age.  The father said "Let's run before lunch!!" Away they ran, round and round the picnic area- while the mother set the table.  Even the toddler was enjoying the game of stretching the legs.

All at once the little one fell!  He just couldn't quite keep up with the others.  He started to cry, but quick as a wink the father swept him up onto his shoulders, let out a war hoot, and away he ran- toddler squealing in delight, the other two children laughing and racing along beside him! It looked like so much fun, I was almost tempted to join them!

At another stop I watched an elderly gentleman sitting next to a woman in a wheel chair.  They were talking quietly, seemingly enjoying each other's company.  As they talked, the gentleman was gently rubbing the woman's feet.  All at once they both laughed, sharing a moment of mirth.

A large van filled with young people pulled up. As they spilled out of the vehicle they were all talking at once, trying to figure out if they had enough change for each to get a soda and chips! One of the guys started looking at the floor of the van, under the seats, even in the glove box! He proudly announced "Ah Ha  We have two more bucks, folks!!"  It looked like they were pooling their resources!  I remember those days! But- they seemed to be having a good time.

And then - Big Rapids!!

I have a long history with this wonderful family-- 50 years worth!  I probably could write a book on the adventures my dear friend Gail and I have had!  So, getting together is always an uplifting and fun experience!

Gail's son Troy (who calls me Aunt Marcy) and his family were the hosts for dinner!  Gail's sister Joanne was also there- what a surprise! Troy and family  have just moved into a new home, and proudly gave me a tour.  Their two acres of yard has to be a paradise for their two little girls!  And for the adults there is an unbelievable rec room in their walk out lower level.

I can't believe I didn't take pictures!! I was so busy enjoying everyone's company and  eating that yummy dinner- I just forgot!

I did get a picture of Troy's view out of his front door!

Across the road is a corn field, and beyond that- woods!  Not a bad view!

Today Gail and I will be hanging out and making plans for what we want to do this week.  As I told Gail- something, or nothing- we always have a good time!  Check back to see what mischief we get into!

Life is an adventure!  And the adventure is always enhanced with a best friend!!

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