Friday, October 9, 2015

Marcy's Travel Blog--A "New Adventure" Is Coming!

This coming Sunday- October 11th- I'm once again heading North.  This time my destination is Big Rapids, Michigan!

My main purpose this trip is to spend time exploring with my dear friend, Gail Wyatt! Gail and I have known each other for over 50 years!  (How is that possible??!! We're both about 29 years old, I think!)  Ha!  Well, we feel like we're that young when we get together!

We've shared many experiences together, from waiting for our "fella's" to come back from Viet Nam, to weddings, births, major moves, illnesses, loss of parents- I guess most of  those major events in life.

We've also shared not only tears but many a laugh and fun times! For those of you who have best buddies who have known you in like FOREVER- and still love you, you know how valuable those friendships are.

Gail has always been the smart, beautiful blond, with me as the brunette sidekick! She has been a wise teacher (even though she's 6 years my junior), and ALWAYS my cheerleader!

We've had adventures great and small- all with a healthy dose of humor! I must admit, we've probably could have gotten in a lot more trouble than we have!

SO!  Come follow along starting Monday- which will be my first "Big Rapids" blog- when I share some of our crazy, funny experiences- and hopefully some beautiful scenery!

Life is indeed an Adventure!  And what better than to have one's best friend along to share it with!

Until then!

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Jim Lyals said...

Marcy -I sure know Gail is looking forward to your visit. I know she had hopes of coming your way a few months ago BUT life has its way! So enjoy your time together and she will let you feed the chickens and collect the eggs!