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Marcy's Travel Blog- Road Trip Day #7- Big Waves, Black Sails, And So Much More!

The morning started off with chilly winds and BIG waves!  All the boats at the docks were bobbing and swaying with the choppy water!

Not to be undone by the weather. we headed to the Leelanau Peninsula, North West of Traverse City.  Our goal was to visit the Grand Traverse Light House.

We past through "Suttons Bay"- a pretty little town with lots of little shops. One shop was called "The Painted Bird"!

Just outside of Suttons Bay we saw a sailing ship with black sails!  ARG!?
Don't know if there be pirates in "them there" waters, but watch out, mateys! It just might be Jack Sparrow, come to seize your ship!

Gertie sort of minded her manners.  (She now had a female voice again!)  But from time to time her screen would go  blank- then comes back on with a birds eye view of a map instead of showing the road.  She was definitely a bit confused! Then suddenly she would go back to the "road" format! "Gertie! Make up your mind!!"

Saw a sign that said "Perennial flowers- you pick your bouquet!"

Finally saw a bit of Fall color!  The locals tell me I'm about two or three weeks too early for a color tour.

Though we haven't seen the Fall colors, we've been having a wonderful time anyway- which was the real purpose of this trip!

On we went to the Leelanau State Park.  It was before noon.  It was still windy- and very chilly! I pulled on my hoody and headed out.

Pictured on the left is one view of the light house.  We were too early to tour the inside "museum", so I walked the grounds, snapping pictures.

That is one VERY OLD tree! I wondered if the branches were shaped like that because of the cold and high winds, but for whatever reason, she's still standing!

This sign gave a brief history of the light house and grounds.

As many of you know, I'm a lover of history, so this place was so fun to visit!

This "flower bed" is made from stones and cement! It was hand crafted by one of the Light Keepers in the 1920's!  I wish the photo did it justice, because it was beautiful!

The interior of the Light House was now open, so I stepped inside- and stepped back in time! I wish I had gotten the name of the young woman who worked there! She was so patient with all my questions!  And what fun to look and explore through this place!

It was a home divided, with half of the home (I believe the bigger half) being used by the light keeper and family, and the other half by the light keeper's assistant!

Unfortunately, photo's with flash could not be taken.  And my camera/ phone was out of battery, so was in the car, being charged! So, no pictures.  Sorry.

The main level consisted of:  a kitchen with ceiling to floor cupboards - a dinning room with a built in china cabinet,  table to hold 6 people, and an organ - a bedroom -  and a living room with a built in bookcase and desk.

The second floor was the children's floor, where all the children slept.  (The babies slept on the main floor in the parents room.)

The top floor was the observation floor leading to the light. Everywhere in the structure were items from the mid 1800's to the 1950's.

The "Fog Signal" building (just to the left of the Light House) now houses a Coastguard Museum.  Another lovely lady talked to me about what was available in this museum.

There is a replica of "The U.S. Wolverine" made completely out of Legos! The Wolverine was an aircraft carrier stationed on Lake Michigan, used to train Naval Pilots during WWII!

The Coastguard is now celebrating it's 225th year anniversary! One more fun fact. - I always thought the Coastguard was established to rescue all who were on water and in need of help!! Wrong!  The Coastguard was established in 1790 to do three things- (1) Keep people from avoiding tariffs    (2) protect ships from pirates, and (3) to intercept contraband from being delivered!  Now, of course they willingly come to the rescue of all in need!

Last but not least I visited the Light House Gift Shop.  A gracious lady named "Vera" spent some time with me talking about the area, and what Winters were like there!  I purchased a jacket (which was 40% off) and two paperback books.  One is called "The Way It Was"- written by Bette McCormick, daughter of one of the Light keepers. The other "The History Of The Ottawa and Chippewa Indians Of Michigan".  We said goodbye to this historic gem, a place I hope to return to.

Our next stop was "Black Star Farms"-  We were greeted by rows and rows of grape vines!

Black Star also has an Inn, which is open year round!  Many a wedding has been held here!  (Shown on the left)

In a separate building signs lining the walkway up to the Wine Tasting Room. They gave a steps by step description of how the wine is made!

The Winery's tasting room was open, though we decided to pass on the wine tasting.  I did purchase a water bottle  (could've been meant to be a portable wine bottle?) - and a new wine opener.

A young lady named Erin was most helpful in getting information about this place and area!

I found out that the name of their signature wine is "Arcturos"- a wine I'll have to try one of these days!
We were hoping to have lunch at their restaurant, but it was closed for the day.

Off we went to a gas station, where Gertie GPS Jr. threw a fit, constantly chanting "Recalculating!!" while we were gassing up! Diana tried to turn her down or off the volume, but gave up and just told Gertie "Shut it!!"

That's me on the left, windblown and a bit tired, but enjoying the Diana/ Gertie interchange- and feeling very amused! Ha!

A quick stop back at the hotel to freshen up- and off we went to the "Outback" for dinner!

We chose a Crab/ avocado stack as an appetizer, and Prime Rib for dinner. Cheryl was our server, and took excellent care of us! And the meal was WONDERFUL!  Great food!  Our last evening in Traverse City!  I even had a glass of wine to celebrate our lovely last day here!

As we left, a whole flock of Black Birds landed on the telephone wires and began doing their loud cawing!  This is the second time this trip this has happened, only this time it looked like a scene from the movie "The Birds"!!  Diana reminded me that a whole flock of Black Birds is called a "Murder"!! Oh my! Hmm. Think they're trying to tell me something?!

As our last day came to an end, I stepped outside to view the moon.

 How fortunate I am to have this experience, to be able to go and do, see new places, and meet wonderful people!  I want to savor each moment, for life is indeed short.  I am blessed indeed!

Today we head toward home.  Will there be any adventures along the way?  Will Gertie GPS Jr. loose us along the way?  Stay tuned tomorrow for our final adventure of this road trip!

Life is indeed an adventure!  One never knows what is just around the corner!!

Until tomorrow!

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