Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Marcy's Travel Blog- Road Trip! Day #6 Rolling Hills and Rocky Shores!

Rain was in the forecast when we checked last night! This morning the clouds parted and the sun did indeed shine! Thank you, Weather Angel!  (Hey, one never knows where you get help with these things! Right?  Ha!)  Gertie GPS Jr. has a thing for residential areas! No matter where we went today, she again (as before) had us meander the side streets and past every school in the area!  (Why, Gertie?!  Why?!)

We took off for the "Old Mission" Peninsula, with our goal to see the Old Mission Light House.  Driving North on Center Road farm land, vineyards, as well as cherry and apple orchards were everywhere!

This is one of the many Wineries in the area!

An interesting side note of history:

In 1838 the Presbyterian board of missions sent Reverend Peter Dougherty to establish both a mission  and school on the Reservation for the local Native Tribes.

Thus, the name "Old Mission".  To the left is a replica of the Old Mission.

The scenery was breath taking!

Here you see a vineyard, with the West Bay in the background!

When we arrived at the Old Mission Light House, we found out it was closed and being restored!

Though we were disappointed, we had a chance to read a bit of history of the Light House and area.

Diana noted that this was the shortest Light house she had ever seen!  With this standing on the top of a dune, I think it must have still been quite visible to the ships that passed by.


This is the shore line in front of the light house.  What doesn't seem to show up well are the rocks jutting from the water.

The sign on the left gave a bit of history .

I didn't realize that automatic lights were around as early as 1933!

A log cabin also was at the site!

You could view the interior to get an idea how they lived back then!

Try as I might, posting pictures of the interior of the cabin has proven futile! But a bit of history about the site is on the left!

Back south past beautiful farms and orchards we went, heading to Traverse City again.  I had some  shopping to do.  Poor Gertie GPS Jr. was NOT happy with the route we chose to take going to the mall!  At each intersection she chanted her "Recalculating!" while we ignored her! She wanted to site see through all the neighborhoods again!

After shopping we found a restaurant called "Flap Jack Shack"!  Ashleigh was our server, and took great care of us.  I ordered a Rueben sandwich- Diana a BLT.  Both came with fries.  BEST Rueben I've tasted in a long time!  Oh my! I would recommend this place to anyone who loves a good sandwich!

We let Gertie GPS take us where ever her little electronic heart wanted to go.  She had us wandering past beautiful old homes, schools, and businesses.  One sign said "Back Around Again" -which was a children's consignment shop!

We're not sure, but we think Gertie GPS Jr. is house hunting! Every residential area is on her agenda!  And she throws a fit if we want to take a main road once in a while!  Oh my! Perhaps she's not senile, just very stubborn?

Back at the Comfort Inn we planned what we would do on our last day here, which would (in part) depend on the weather.  A light dinner at the Cottage restaurant next door, and we called it a day!

I woke late today!! Oh my! We have very overcast skies and rain!  But we'll find an adventure or two somewhere!

Check back tomorrow to see how our last day in Traverse City was spent!

Life is an adventure! And in each adventure some rain must fall!


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