Monday, September 28, 2015

Marcy's Travel Blog- Road Trip Day #5- "Traverse City, Here We Come!"

I woke yesterday to 7 crows cawing loudly and continued for what seemed like forever! Can you see them on the left?

Edgar Alan Poe's "The Raven" came to mind!

I know they group together and "caw" like this when a hawk or other predator is around, but it sort of gave me the chills, anyway! LOL!

We said goodbye to Grand Haven and the wonderful staff at the Best Western Inn, filled the gas tank,  and were on the road a bit before 10 a.m.

Overcast skies didn't dampen our mood, but we were praying that we'd have good weather in Traverse City.

We stayed on US 31 North for much of the way, seeing some fun business signs along the way.  "Pompa-do's Hair salon, Envey Hair, World of Wigs, and Throttle Down Boats"!

Poor Gertie GPS Jr.! We had more than one detour, where she had to continually chant her "RECALCULATING!" Finally Diana patted her gently and said "I'm sorry, honey! We'll get straightened around soon!"  We came to the point where Diana needed to reprogram her, and Gertie GPS kept talking the whole time! It got to be funny, with Diana typing away, and Gertie basically spouting nonsense!  Finally Diana told her to keep her shirt on!!

Off we went, but Gertie once more was silent for too long. Diana decided that when Gertie gets exasperated, she takes a nap!  Then it takes three or four blocks for her to catch up!  (Sounds right to me!)  Diana was having another "come to Jesus" meeting with her GPS! "Gertie! Wake up! Care to join us?? Hello?"  I love these little exchanges!

Of course, in my diseased imagination, Gertie GPS Jr. suddenly spews some four letter words along with "Go where I tell you and STOP yelling- or I QUIT!" Ha! But back to reality!

We were driving down lovely tree lined roads!

Often the trees made a complete canopy, giving one the impression of being in a forest!

We had quite the scenic drive! As you can tell, the overcast sky never did give way to sunshine.  But it was a pretty drive, non the less.

At Whitehall we stopped for brunch at a place called "The Dive"!  Kelly was our server, and took good care of us! It certainly was a country breakfast they served!  Eggs, hash browns, bacon, biscuits and gravy, coffee and juice--Oh My! (Yet another time I'm waddling out of a restaurant!)

Saw another cute sign at a laundry mat - "Suds Yer Duds!" On to Pentwater, where we wandered the shops and flea market. One of the shops name was "Bitchen Kitchen"!

Located at the History Park, right near the water I saw something I'd never seen before, a "fish cleaning station"! (Learn something new every day!)

This is where you clean and gut your catch!  There's a grinder that grinds the stuff you cut off, and later it's taken away, probably for fertilizer!

The gentleman who was here said the boats that take tourists out fishing will use this station to clean the fish for their customers.

I knew that Lake Michigan can be pretty difficult to navigate during certain times of the year. This sign gives a good history of Lake Michigan's furry!

It was time to continue to Traverse City!  We past a whole field of wind mills, but only caught the image of one towering over the trees. I believe this was near Manistee, Mi.

The cloud coverage was getting thicker, and from time to time we had sprinkles, but no significant rain.

Perhaps it was the weather she was protesting -( heaven only knows), but Gertie GPS Jr. suddenly was trying to take us South!  She would say "Go South on US 31" and Diana would say "No, Gertie! It's not happening!"  Funny!

We arrived at the Comfort Inn in Traverse City around 4:30 p.m.
(Their pretty lobby, on the left)

A young man named David checked us in and helped us get the luggage cart.  Our lovely rooms are on the second floor, right near the elevator, lobby, breakfast room, swimming pool, and work out area! Perfect!

Dinner was right next door at "The Cottage"- with great service and great food!

We were a bit disappointed that the overcast sky kept us from seeing the "Super Moon". But that's Michigan for you- overcast skies are just a part of life.

All in all- a Good Day!  Diana and I got the giggles, talking about Gertie GPS Jr.! There are times she doesn't know left from right- or North from South.  Plus she sometimes has the hicups! For instance she'll say "Your des--inantion is on the right".Two senior ladies, on the road with a senile GPS!  Oh My! LOL!

So- Life is indeed an adventure! Overcast skies, a bit of rain, and a senile GPS makes for an interesting journey!

Stay tuned to see what sort of adventure Gertie gets us into today! And Thank You for following along!

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