Sunday, September 27, 2015

Marcy's Travel Blog- Road Trip Day #4- Friendship, Fun, and Food!

I have a friend and long time fellow former Flight Attendant, Judy Kessler Jackson, who lives here in Grand Haven.  Judy was one of my favorites to fly with, having not only a wonderful work ethic, but a wicked sense of humor. We have many fun memories of flights together!

We planned to do a brunch, and yesterday was the day!  I was SO excited!  Judy picked me up from the hotel, drove me to her house to meet her husband George, gave me a quick tour of her lovely home, then off we went to have food and a fun chat!

How does one do a quick recap of 45 years, plus catch up with "the latest"?!  Our conversation was all over the place!  Talk about fun!  But I vowed we'd connect more often.  I was so excited to see Judy again,  I didn't even take her picture! ( Which was a shame, for she looks fabulous!)  Nor did I notice the name of the restaurant we went to!  Oh my!

Back at the hotel, Diana and I decided to make Saturday our last day in Grand Haven.

Off to the famous Light House we went.  The light house sits at the foot of the Grand River that spills into Lake Michigan.  I was amazed at the boat and kayak traffic entering the River!

There was a long walk from the parking area to the pier.  Diana and I started out walking the beach. The sand was like silt- very soft, and quite deep!  It was like "wadding" in sand!  We decided to walk through the RV park instead.

At the foot of the pier was this memorial.  Two young men were lost off this pier ( in 2006, I think) when waves swept them off.  There were  signs in several places, warning of the danger of high waves during stormy weather.

I told Diana she should take my picture- to prove we were actually here!  I got the giggles here when she announced she thought she accidentally took about a dozen! I'm wind blown here, but happy!

Several young people were jumping off the pier into the water.  I tried to catch a picture mid-jump, but no success.  I sure looked like fun!! Damn! Where's my swim suit when I need one!  Yep- I think I would have joined them!  On the other hand, I hear  (and remember) Lake Michigan being VERY cold!  So maybe I'll leave the "jumping in" to the young folk!

I thought that the house at the end of the pier was privately owned!  I think one would have to love wind and water to be able to live there, even in the Summer time!  However, this is owned by the city- so I posted earlier in error! (Please forgive!) The light keeper's house that is privately owned is across the street from the pier and up on the dune.

This is a sign that was on the pier.  Sorry- it's a bit cut off on the right, but I think you can make out a bit of history.

With the Light House and Pier seen, we decided it was time for an early dinner.  Diana and Gertie GPS Jr. had another exchange of words.  Gertie gave us directions to a restaurant, but when we arrived- it wasn't there!  Finally we realized it was across the street and down a bit. Scolding Gertie, Diana said she needed to learn her left from her right!!  "It wasn't on the right, Gertie! It was on the left!! Get it together!!"  I too was a bit baffled on how Gertie could get that confused. But too funny how poor Gertie GPS gets a talking to when she screws up!

Our choice for dinning was the "Kerby House"

Our server was Ryan.  We had an avocado and crab appetizer. YUM!!

Diana had the Fried Perch with the Kerby Houses special french fries.

I had the Mahi Shrimp Rice Bowl! (Pictured here. Ryan was delightful and very efficient! I was surprised that they were so busy at 4:30 p.m.! I goes everyone wanted to avoid the rush like we did!)

Add a glass of wine with the meal and all is well with the world! We ended the meal splitting a slice of Key Lime Pie! Oh My! We waddled out of the restaurant, groaning with full bellies, but happy, none the less!

So ended our 4th day on the road. Today we say goodbye to the great owner and staff at the Best Western and head North. Our destination is Traverse City, by way of where ever crazy Gertie GPS Jr. takes us!

Thank you for following along!  Tune in tomorrow to see what trouble we get into!

Life is an adventure! Especially when one's GPS doesn't know her left from her right!! OH MY!!

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