Saturday, September 26, 2015

Marcy's Travel Blog- Road Trip Day #3 - Tranquility!

Day #3 was a day of enjoying  "Mother Nature"!

Gertie GPS Jr. must have accepted my apology, for she was on her best behavior!

We had morning fog, so decided to wander the main street here and look at a few shops along the way.

We stopped at "The Baker's Wife" shop for yummy rolls and coffee. Wandering, I found and purchased lovely shawl.   Clothing and gift shops are everywhere, along with restaurants. Lovely little town!

Then on to a picnic lunch  (picture on left). This is located at the "Grand Park"- along the "Grand River" that spills out into Lake Michigan.

We had a little glitch in our hotel accommodations - but got that issue resolved.  (Just needed to move to different rooms)

The rest of the day we decided to "Hang out"- just enjoying the day.  It's wonderful to go and do! And wonderful to just enjoy "being"!

Our evening meal of choice was KFC,  taking it back to the park for yet another lovely picnic.  We sat on a park bench munching our food and watching boats and people pass by.

See the gentleman sitting on the boat?  At Dusk he took out his horn and played "Taps"!!

Beautiful! Gave me chills!  All seemed to go quiet, though perhaps I just didn't notice anything but those haunting notes.

Afterwards I went up to him and shook his hand, thanking him.

It is indeed a small world.  A big beautiful boat docked right near us. Diana observed how proficient he was at parallel parking!  We watched a couple who was walking by offer to help tie up.  A bit later we fell into easy conversation with the boat owner-( a fairly young man with a wife and three young children). Come to find out they live in Brighton, Michigan!  I didn't get a picture of their boat- they walked away before I thought to ask permission.

The setting sun was glorious, and breath taking!

As boats went up and down the river, a couple of Kayakers paddled out.

What an awesome night!

People walking their dogs, bikers, families strolling the boardwalk, and boats coming and going- but no real hustle and bustle! Everyone seemed to be relaxed and just enjoying the lovely evening!

As darkness fell, a wonderful water, lights, and music show began! Lovely!  It's called the "Musical Fountain"- which shows on the weekends through September!  I so wish I could've gotten photo's of that, but my camera phone only picked up smidgens of light.

As I sat watching the light show, I thanked the Power that be for the wonderful day!  Today was my way to stop and smell the roses,  to notice the children's laughter and the birds soaring.  Today was a day to be grateful to be alive!

I hope you all take a moment- or a day to just "Be"!  It renews one's Spirit and reminds one that in all the chaos of the World, there is also Beauty!

Life is an adventure!  And communing with Mother Nature is one of the most Beautiful adventures of all!

Until tomorrow!

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