Friday, September 25, 2015

Marcy's Travel Blog- Road Trip Day #2!! OH MY!!

Perhaps this blog should be titled "Gertie GPS's Revenge And Diana's Confession"! What a day!

The day started out well enough.  We were at the  lovely "Bay Side Inn B&B" in Suagatuck, Michigan, -sharing our morning with this handsome fella on the left.

The breakfast at this B&B was superb!

The fireplace was going, the buffet laden with wonderful goodies (not too visible on the left), and the weather was perfect for an outdoor breakfast!

One of the dishes was called a "Herb Frittata" - delicious!! Add to that fresh fruit, link sausage, tomatoes, and a variety of breads--and of course, lots of coffee, and I was a happy camper!

I think the ducks are use to hand outs! They lined up, staring at the sliding door! At one point they began fighting and squawking at each other.

Enter the big fella on the left, who let out a loud  screech! .  I believe he's "King of the fowl",  for all went silent! For as long as he sat on his lofty perch  overseeing the whole scene,  peace was maintained!

We said our goodbye's to Amanda,  the gracious manager of The Bay Side Inn, and to Saugatuck.
Diana's goal was to follow the shore line of Lake Michigan up to Grand Haven. At this point she and Gertie Jr. GPS exchanged some rather harsh words! Gertie did NOT want to take us via a Lake Shore route, and kept complaining loudly "Recalculating!!"-- over and over! And Diana was yelling "Oh- just shut up! I know what I'm doing!"  Hmm, what is a passenger to do?!  ..I laughed!

Driving through Holland we saw a dog being walked- carrying in his mouth his own poop bag! (Now why have I never thought of that?!)

We wandered!  We found a shore line drive--sort of.  I have to admit, heading North we saw some lovely scenery! We drove past a name sign in front of a home that we had to turn around and photograph! This sign and porker is one I've never seen before! Now THAT's creative!

  We stopped at Olive Shores County Park. What a cool place!

Walking into the "Forest" was literally a breath of fresh air! Diana and I decided the fresh scent was the Hemlock that grows there.

I decided to "test the knees" by climbing this set of stairs! While I did fine, it was a lot easier coming down!

Saw a sign that said 12 miles to Grand Haven!  Once in Grand Haven we thought it was time to look for a hotel. I had seen a hotel on the internet that had great reviews called "The Shore Line Inn".  However, Gertie GPS Jr. informed us that it was 12 miles North of Grand Haven! We decided to give it a try.  Thus began the longest "12 miles" in the history of my travels!

We drove through every nook and cranny along the way.  At first Gertie protested loudly, sounding a very impatient "RECALCULATING", while Diana told her to "Knock it off!"! - (Is it possible for an electronic device to sound exasperated?)  Finally she (Gertie GPS) fell silent.

Mind you, we left Grand Haven, looking for this hotel around 12:30!  Keep that in mind, along with the "12 miles" to our destination!

Gertie GPS Jr. decided to speak again.  She directed us to see every post office, school, church, subdivisions, and back streets along the way. I swear she was taking revenge!!  My tailbone was beginning to scream! Where the heck was this place!?!

We saw some interesting signs along the way- such as "Bosch's Best Bushes- Goose's Automotive- and Hanks Tavern of Food, Drink, and Song"

The final straw!!!!! :

Gertie had us driving on a dirt road that paralleled some railroad tracks!  What the heck?!  You've got to be kidding me! (I was beginning to have some violent thoughts towards Gertie GPS JR.!!!)  I saw myself throwing her out the window-  no-no- stomping on her!  But instead I just got out of the car and took this picture!

Then- FINALLY we saw the hotel! Time?  2:30 p.m.!  It took us 2 hours to go 12 miles!!  And- once at the hotel we realized we didn't want to be that far from Grand Haven!  So - we didn't take a room there!  Oh my!

By now we were very hungry!  We broke our rule about no highways and jumped on HWY 31 back down to Grand Haven.  It took us 15 minutes to get back!  The time was a bit after 3 p.m.! My attitude towards Gertie GPS Jr. was not good, I'll admit!  We stopped at the park by the lake and had a wonderful picnic lunch from the food stuffs we had brought along.  Diana and I decided we'd check to see if the Best Western here in Grand Haven had rooms available.  Road weary and ready to settle for the next few days,  we prayed this damn GPS would get us to the hotel without a hitch-- which she did!  (Good thing, because my patience was at an all time low!)

Stumbling into the lobby of the Best Western, I'm sure I babbled a bit as I asked about accommodations. I was greeted by two angels- Audrey, front desk supervisor and Tim (in the middle) front desk representative.  Their smiles lit up the lobby! The word "Gracious" came to mind as I spoke with these folks, who made sure we got the accommodations that were needed!  I then met the owner, Bhavesh- pictured on the left.

(Thank you all for making a difficult afternoon turn to a pleasant one!)

The rooms were lovely;  spotless,  roomy, well decorated! Hurrah!  We unpacked and stopped back at the desk - looking for restaurant recommendations. Specifically, somewhere for a good plate of spaghetti!

Both Audrey and Tim immediately said "Porto bello's"!

Lovely restaurant! And  not crowded at 4:30 p.m.

This is Christina, who took excellent care of us! Spaghetti, salad, and a glass of wine worked well for me!  Diana had the same, but choosing a strawberry daiquiri instead of wine.  Food was great!  The place was great! And the service was great!  What a lovely way to unwind from a rather unusual and hectic day!

We sat on the back veranda of the hotel after dinner, hashing over the day's events.  I shared with Diana my frustration over Gertie GPS Jr.'s latest escapades!

Diana confessed!!  It wasn't Gertie's fault! She had programed Gertie to avoid not only expressways/ highways- but also traffic!! No wonder we were going down dirt roads and through subdivisions! I'll have to apologize to poor Gertie for my unkind attitude! (Perhaps electronic devises know when one is contrite?)  No matter- today I'll make peace with her and hope I'm forgiven.  And Diana will NOT program ol Gertie in such a matter again---I hope!

So ended Day #2 of our road trip.  And I know that a unusual experience, even an exasperating one can turn into a fun memory to look back on!  Today will be yet a new adventure!  Stay tuned!

Life is an adventure, even when it's a bumpy ride--- or just a very long one!

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