Thursday, September 24, 2015

Marcy's Travel Blog- Road Trip- Day #1 !

Our First Day out, plus "The Rest of the story"!

Yesterday morning I ran through my check-off list-  made sure my bags were packed, munchies packed, bills paid, plants watered, coffee made, house cleaned…(sort of),  and ready to go by 11 a.m.!

Diana (along with her trusty GPS she calls Gertie Junior) picked me up right on schedule.  I had a few glitches to start the day off (that I will relate in a bit) , but we made it out of my drive around 11:30.

We got as far as Mr. B's in Howell, a whole 3 or 4 miles from my house! Lunch was a GOOD idea!

But-Gertie GPS was not pleased we took a break so soon,  and continually chatted  "Recalculating!!" while we were parking!  Diana told her not to get her knickers in a twist!  (Just a note:  As of right now, Gertie Junior has a male voice!! I told Diana I pictured Gertie Jr.  with big eyes, long pretty hair, long eyelashes, and a beard!  Diana says the name stays, no matter the voice!…Hmm.  Alrighty then!)

Both Diana and I had sliders, that's 3 little hamburgers -graciously served by Erin. Then off we went- driving West into the sunshine!

Diana was scolding Gertie GPS Jr. again because she was about three blocks behind us! Di kept saying "Gertie! Catch up!!"  Even though it makes no sense to me,  Gertie fell silent - as if to do as told, then suddenly was indeed with us!  From that point on, Diana and Gertie GPS Jr. made peace- at least for the rest of the day! Tranquility settled into the vehicle! Hurrah!

West on Grand River we went, passing very few road construction sites. (Thank goodness!)
We passed funny named signs such as the "Bloated Goat Bar" and  "Moo Hoo's Dairy Barn"!  In Williamston we saw a whole heard of deer hanging out at a golf course- with the golfers at play! (FOUR!)   Neither the golfers nor the deer seemed to mind!

Continuing West we stopped in Ionia at the Bellamy Creek Roadside Park. (Pictured at the beginning)  It was a lovely little spot!

This best could be described as a babbling brook!  I was tempted to take off my shoes and go wading!

We had a heavenly warm breeze kissing our faces and making the leaves of the trees dance in a graceful sway.

A truly tranquil moment!

This pump drinking fountain reminded me of the roadside park I use to go to in Iowa, growing up!

Continuing West-the rolling hills and tree lined roads reminded me of Pennsylvania!  Here and there we started to see some red and rust color in the trees.  There were houses tucked into the hillsides -barely visible from the road.

In Zeeland we stopped for coffee - then on past Holland to Saugatuck, our evening's destination!!  We decided to stay at the BaySide Inn- a Bed and Breakfast right on the Kalamazoo River. Lovely old Inn that (according to their brochure) use to be a boat house!

 We were checked in by a wonderful lady who is not only camera shy, but didn't want her name mentioned! She laughed when I said I'd give her an alias of "Sally Smith"!

The good news:  We have lovely rooms on the third floor with private balconies, overlooking the Kalamazoo River!!

The bad news, no elevators and rather steep three flights of stairs! (Huff- puff- puff!)

This is my view to the left of my balcony! There are boats and yachts everywhere!  I can't imagine how busy this river would be in the peak season!

This was my view to the right of my balcony.

Very pretty- very peaceful!  This is a very good thing!

Now -for the rest of the story!

Going back to when I was at my house in the morning- I struggled to get the handle down on my roller bag, caught the skin on my baby finger- pinching it- and cutting it!  Yep- I bled! OUCH!!

Then I grabbed my travel coffee cup- and spilled half of it- some on "me"!  Oh drat!

Once in the car and on our way, I took a sip of my coffee, and literally "drooled" it down my chin! What the heck!  Good God!  Not wanting to let it go without comment, Diana said she was surprised I couldn't hit a target as big as that!  (Guess she meant my mouth!)  Watch it, Diana! I could always spill in YOUR direction! Ha!

So- after that, all seemed to calm down! …….Until dinner!

After checking into our B&B we found a place for dinner called "The Butler"! We requested a table with a view of the river, and didn't have to wait long to be seated!  So far so good!  Michelle was our server, very gracious, very efficient.  I ordered the Walleye and a baked potato.  I was asked if I wanted butter and sour cream with the potato- and I said yes to both.

As we ate, we chatted about the day. I grabbed the whipped butter and slathered it all over my potato------only it wasn't whipped butter!  It was tarter sauce!!  Perfect!  What else could I do to prove I'd lost my marbles!  Diana and I were in tears, laughing about all my mishaps, when Michelle came to find out "What was wrong".

Embarrassed, I explained what I had done.  Very slowly and enunciating precisely, sweet server Michelle pointed to the packet of sour cream and said "THIS..IS..YOUR..SOUR..CREAM! I'll get you another potato!"

Diana and I looked at each other and laughed until tears came to our eyes!! Poor Michelle must have thought she had a true idiot on her hands. Or an elderly dementia patient! She spoke as if explaining this to a very small child! ( Perfect- just perfect!)

 Oh my God! A former Stewardess can't manage a roller bag without injury... Can't hold a travel coffee cup without spilling half of it!…Can't drink the coffee without having the other half dribbling  down her chin! (How lady like!)  And now the baked potato/ tarter sauce incident!  ….Oh well, what the heck!  It was one of those days! Hopefully I got THAT out of my system, and now can live the rest of this vacation without further incident!

So, that was our Wednesday! Today is another day- and another adventure!

This morning I sat on my balcony sipping my morning coffee with Diana, counting blessings,  and watching the sky turn a beautiful pink and blue! What a wonderful way to start my morning!

We're heading North, along the shore line!  Check back with us tomorrow to see if I'm jinxed, if Gertie and Diana wage war or have peace, and if we find some fun- adventure- and beauty along the way!

Remember, Life is an adventure, even when it's a bumpy ride!! (Or one turns into a bumbling mess!) Ha!

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