Monday, September 21, 2015

Marcy's Travel Blog- Reunion!!

(Disclaimer!! I know and remember faces more than I remember names! I'm also a lousy speller! If any name is mis-spelled, please forgive!)

                      This past Thursday I attended our North Central/ Republic Airline reunion! What fun!

Captain Bruce ( in the green) and Annie Heiss greeted all as we arrived.( Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture of Annie here). Bruce's humor is legendary and still as funny as ever!

I started flying with North Central Airlines January 6th, 1969!

Sorry the picture is a bit blurry!
This is Captain (Marvelous) Marv Blaksley! He was a young baby faced First Officer on my Very First flight!  He lightened my slightly nervous and tense first flight with a bit of teasing, and a lot of humor!  I can't believe that was 46 1/2 years ago!  And he's still teasing and ribbing me to this day! Ha! Somethings never change!

Another favorite that I've known equally long is my Friend and Fellow Former Stewardess/ Flight Attendant- Rust Bober Berrell!  We have shared many a tear, many a laugh, and many a flight together over the years!

Captain Michael Lowendorf has long called me "Mom"!  I no longer can remember the story behind this! Funny, since now he has more grey hair than I do! Ha! More fun memories!

The buffet lunch was lovely. (Annie Heiss is in this picture, in the hat.) Conversations were lively!

Captain Bruce Heiss gave announcements, raffle numbers, and some funny stories!

There were more fun memories shared !

Round table discussions followed dessert.

                              We all took time to catch up with the folks we hadn't seen in a while!

There was about 50 people at the Reunion.  I was amazed at how many more pilots attended than flight attendants!  Look below and you'll see what I mean!


I thoroughly enjoyed connecting with these lovely people!  I felt great sadness hearing about the fellow crew members we've lost- and the folks who have lost loved ones.  There were also much laughter in connecting and sharing funny stories.  All in all, it was a wonderful afternoon!

A special THANK YOU to Captain Bruce and Annie Heiss and Captain Ron and Barb Ike for all the work you folks do for this group! Already I'm looking forward to our next get together!

Life is truly an adventure, and connecting with former fellow flight crews is an adventure I'd love to do again!

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