Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Marcy's Travel Blog- Michigan Road Trip announcement!!

I have to admit, Michigan's Autumn will equal in beauty to any other place on Earth!  Even on overcast days, Mother Nature certainly knows how to take one's breath away!

This time of year is a bit tough for me. Along with some personal losses that all seemed to happen this time of year- I find I rather grieve the "loss" of Summer!  One can not sit and grieve too long!  So- a new adventure begins!

As many of you know, "Flying" is my normal choice of travel!  It's great from going from point A to point B. Except for a bird's eye view however, one does not see all the sweet little nooks and crannies along the way!

Therefore- a Road Trip through some of Michigan's beauty is my choice this time.  I'll be traveling with my long time friend and fellow travel companion, Diana Berry. Our plan is to take only secondary roads, heading west towards Grand Haven- then toward Traverse City, then back towards Howell- and everything in-between!

This will be a 5 to 8 day adventure! I'll be blogging daily to share the fun!  (As long as I can get internet service!)                  

We start tomorrow- Wednesday the 23rd of September.  Come follow along with us as we see what trouble we two seniors can get into! (And we always seem to have some sort of adventure, from Diana arguing with the GPS to surprises along the way!)  I CAN'T WAIT!! (No, I'm not too excited! Ha!)

Life is an adventure! And one never knows what's just around the corner!!

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theshaun said...

You know it'll be a gorgeous trip!!! Have a great time....