Monday, April 6, 2015

Marcy's Travel Blog- Saying Goodbye To Paradise.

On my last day in the Makaha Valley, I wandered the gated community where my friend Ron lives. This is one of the views of the mountains near his condo.

The flowers and foliage  here are breath taking!

I have no idea what some of these plants are, but aren't they lovely?

Ron decided we should drive the Kaneana shore line one more time.

We spent a bit of time on the beach- playing Backgammon!

Yes, I'm the brown pieces, and as you can tell- he beat me soundly! (Probably in retaliation for all the Sequence games I won!) These games are friendly, but a bit fierce from time to time. I must brag- I'm the Sequence CHAMP! (But I am miserable at Backgammon!)

Last was a tour of one of Ron's favorite spots, the Waianae Comprehensive Clinic! Though it is a Medical facility, it also offers a "Holistic" approach to health. The grounds have walking trails, meditation areas, beautiful gardens, and a fantastic view of the ocean. The following pictures will give you an idea of the beauty of this place!

Little streams run through the gardens!

Another fantastic view from one of the trails.

We returned to the condo- packing time, and off to the airport we went. My heart belongs in two places, I'm afraid. My family is in Michigan. I love them with all my heart! And Michigan is a beautiful state in the Summer and Fall, it's true.  Yet I long for the Makaha Valley with it's mountains and Ocean! Perhaps one day I'll find a way to spend some time at each place. As for now, I'll say "Mahalo" (Thank you) to my dear friend and adopted brother Ron. And "Mahalo to Hawaii! My time here was filled with Beauty, Wonder, Laughter, and Friendship. Perhaps that's the definition of Paradise?

Thank you all for following along on my adventure! Soon I'll be sharing my "Unusual" flight back home!

Life is truly an adventure! I remind myself that even though it's hard to see one adventure end- another is Just..Around..The Corner!!

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