Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Marcy's Travel Blog- A Master Gardener, Friendship, And Mother Nature!

As you may have figured out, I love gardening! The picture on the left is my use of an old wooden step ladder- done a few years ago!

On Saturday, my daughter-in-law's mom- Willy- gave me a Birthday gift of an afternoon with a Master Gardener, learning a "different way" to garden- a weed free way!

May I introduce Master Gardener Deanna White!  (I apologize for the picture being blurry!)

Deanna has taught many a class on the best way to have a "Weed less, No-till" garden! Our class started with hand-outs that give the step-by-step procedures for a great growing season!

These I will share with you! Since I am in a subdivision with very little area for a vegetable garden, (and a lot of bunny rabbits),  I may continue to stay with flowers this season.

So- Step (1)  Decide where you want the garden, plot it out, and then mow it.

       Step (2) Get cardboard to lay down on the area. Do NOT butt it up against itself, like you would a wooden floor. Instead, overlap the cardboard so there are no gaps or areas for weeds to come through. (U-Haul stores have free cardboard boxes that people return after using) Break the cardboard down to flat pieces and remove any staples and plastic. Lay down 1-2 layers of cardboard.

        Step (3) Next, lay down 12-16 inches deep of straw (NOT hay), covering the cardboard completely.

Step (4) Bring in good quality, screened compost.  Make the beds 3-4 ft. wide, and as long as desired. (You can make it wider, but you want to be able to reach both sides)

In each bed, the compost should be 8 inches deep on top of the straw. 3-4 ft. pathways between the beds are suggested for ease in walking, working, harvesting. You will NOT be walking on the Garden Beds to avoid compacting the soil.

Step (4)- Plant! Here you see "starter" plants.  Ms. White suggested soaking the seeds overnight- then planting in starter trays.  I have a nifty starter tray that is also a warmer, so I'll be using that for my flower seeds!

We next went outside to see first hand how this was done- to the left is a flower garden in the process of being started.  This Master Gardener also does Annual flowers for weddings/ special events!  Another aspect of her gardens- U-pick raspberries!

Some of her flowers are already blooming!

Our Granddaughter Payton came with us to this event, and enjoyed the tree swing as well as the tree house that was here!

This is Willy with Mr. White, who was busy with the load of compost (to the left).

Love this swing! What a wonderful afternoon of friendship, learning, sunshine, and the all outdoors!

The wind chimes are from "out of the country" relatives. I wish I could remember which country, but what a lovely sound!!

Willy, myself, and Granddaughter Payton.  We had the sun in our eyes, but were happy for the great weather!

Thank you SO much, Deanna White. What fun to learn new things! And Thank you for your hospitality!

There is so much more I could share with you dear readers, but I would be going on and on! Let me share Deanna's web address with you:

Back to Willy's home we went.  The day was complete when my son Steven joined us for some "fishing" time with Payton. He would cast the line for her, then have her slowly real it in.

It wasn't long before she had her first bite! That was a big fish!! They do the "catch and release" fishing.

 She must be a fish charmer! She got a nibble and set the hook!  Her rod bent way over!  She was a trooper, she just kept reeling- and the second fish was even bigger than the first!!

What a wonderful day!  Thank you Willy! Not only do we share Grandchildren, but I'm happy to say- Friendship as well! This was an outstanding Birthday gift!

Adventures are for the taking! Some are far away, like Hawaii- and some nearby! I am happy to be able to share both near and far with you folks!

Soon I'll be off on my next adventure- perhaps far away, perhaps just out my own back door! It will be fun to see what sort of mischief I can get into!

Until next time, remember that life is an adventure- even when it's a bumpy ride!

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