Thursday, April 30, 2015

Marcy"s Travel Blog- Another Year Older!!

Greetings to all!  Today I celebrate turning 69 years old! Really?!  It's hard for me to believe, on some levels!  How is it that "time" can drag, yet pass in the twinkling of an eye- all at the same time? Parts of my life- the hard parts- felt like they would never end.  And yet, it seems I've gotten to this point very quickly!  I know Einstein had some very good ideas about time and space, which probably explains it all.  Yet- living it is still a bit of a head scratcher.  I'll leave those "scientific" thoughts for another day.

Last night I spent the evening with my son Steven and his family, doing my "early" Birthday celebration! Being an "Airline" family, we early on decided that Holidays and Birthday celebrations were in the heart, not on the calendar!  So we celebrate when schedules and activities permit! We've found this to work well, since airline work schedules change every month! And this way we never miss out on getting together!

While my daughter-in-law cooked the most wonderful Birthday meal (Steak and Shrimp!)- Granddaughter Payton and I clowned around!  Humor makes Birthday Celebrations so much fun, and this family loves to tease and laugh!

My "Birthday Cake" of choice is Angel food cake with berry topping. Daughter-in-law Mia made a special berry sauce from a combination of frozen and fresh berries!  Wow, it was fantastic!

I'm glad they didn't try to light 69 candles! We would've had to have the Brighton Fire department standing by!  The two shown here were enough to make it a celebration, with me making a special wish (can't tell) and all helped in blowing out the candles.

The evening was complete with hand made Birthday cards from the Grandkids and beauty products from the family!

What a lovely evening! Thank you Steven, Mia, Evan, and Payton!

I was sitting on my front porch, sipping coffee and counting blessing this morning.  And what a beautiful morning it was!  I watched the dawn sky turn to a golden grey blue from the early morning rain, listened to the birds with their morning chirping and song, and with the rising sun my heart flooded with gratitude.  I am aware of how lucky I've been and am.

My life has been filled with so many adventures, fascinating people, and dear loved ones!  I've had some very difficult, heart  wrenching times. But that was then, and this is now, so no bitterness.  What a learning process they turned out to be!  I've met people from all over the world, fascinating people with stories of their own!  (The glorious part of being a Stewardess/ Flight Attendant)

 I have and am continuing to be so blessed! I take nothing for granted! My dear life long friend, Gail Wyatt encouraged me years ago to focus on the positive and fill my heart with gratitude for all the good in my life. Her words of wisdom have served me well! What a dear friend! I count her as one of my "Angels"- and a true blessing.  My hope is that every one of you have one friend like her that will lift you up, encourage you, and cheer you on!!

Two of my wonderful blessings are pictured here! I LOVE being a Nonna! (Grandmother) My Grandchildren Evan and Payton are a delight!

I know the time will come when their lives will be full of other things- activities, friends, and schooling.  But we have our adventures and make our memories that enhance the "now". And the memories stay in the heart, no matter the age.

And the adventures continue, both near and far! Starting tomorrow I embark on a "Health and Fitness" challenge! This will include weight training, fitness, and a diet of Shaklee Soy Protein, fish, fresh vegetables, fruit, and rice. I want to see what this 69 year old body can do! I've been so fortunate to stay strong and healthy, but have gotten a bit fluffy around the middle and a bit soft in the muscles. I'll blog from time to time on how that is going, since this will be an adventure in itself!

Life, joy, and beauty is part of our existence, if we look for it. I know I wax a bit poetic today, but on my Birthday, I give myself permission! May you all find these thing in your daily adventure! It's there for the taking.  All we have to do is be open to the possibilities!

Remember, Life is indeed an Adventure, even when it's a bumpy ride! (And 69 candles!)  Here's to celebrating 70 in a year!

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