Monday, April 13, 2015

Marcy's Travel Blog- Adventures With Mother Nature!

I am an "Out of Doors" kind of gal.  I have always loved being around Mother Nature, be it planting, working, feeding birds, or just climbing trees. (Perhaps I was Tarzan's Jane in a former life! Ha!)

The picture to the left shows off my green thumb. I am a strong believer that every living thing responds to energy. We as humans give off the sort of energy that's happening in our heads, be it positive or negative. (Sounds a little strange, but so far, my planting and animal experiments have proven this to be so.)

I have a Birthday coming up at the end of April. My daughter-in-law's mother just called today with an invitation to a special "gardening workshop"- a Birthday gift from her to me! This is happening this coming Saturday- and I'm thrilled to be going. We will be joined by our Granddaughter Payton. Though she's only 6 years old, she's a kindred spirit when it comes to loving the all outdoors. I will be sharing this experience with you- and hopefully be able to share some new and exciting tips for those of you who love to dig, plant, and grow!

I can tell that Spring is definitely here- I have the urge to buy plants, seeds, and bulbs and start my garden! This too is an adventure- perhaps not traveling any farther than out the front door- but a wonderful adventure none the less!

I'll be blogging soon- so stay tuned!

Life is a wonderful adventure, and some of those adventures are in your own back yard!!

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