Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Marcy's Travel Blog- A Little "Island" Glitch!

My last sunset here in Molokai!

Here on the Islands, one never knows what the internet will decide to do! The first glitch was mine- trying to load a video into my photo file! Oh my! The second glitch was that the internet here in Molokai slowed to such a crawl, I couldn't get pictures onto my blog! (And what is a blog about Hawaii without pictures!?)

 So I wanted you to know-I have not fallen off the ferry going to Maui. Nor have I got lost at Sea.

My friend Ron says these glitches are minor- can not ruin a perfectly wonderful vacation!  (We had a glitch or two in Maui) He's right. Today's a new day!

My favorite saying: Life's an adventure, even when it's a bumpy ride!!

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