Sunday, March 22, 2015

Marcy's Travel Blog- The Island of Molokia!!

We arrived yesterday morning on the Island of Molokai.  Ron had told me that one comes to this Island for rest, relaxation, the Ocean, and perhaps a bit of whale watching.  In the way of tourist attractions, this Island is not for that.

Our host lives in a lovely home on the Ocean! His front yard view is part of a channel called the Auau channel. He's camera shy and a very private person, but is allowing me to take pictures of his lovely home, yard, and fantastic view! This is the view off of his lanai.

Breath taking!! And a perfect spot to watch the Humpback Whales who are heading to their summer homes in Alaska!

Ron tells me that last month the Whales were so profuse, there was no way to be able to count them!  Our host says he hasn't seen that many at one time for many years! For the two days we have been here, we've seen several. They leap out of the water, then come down with a hugh splash of the body and tail! Unfortunately, I don't have a camera that can capture that- but take my word for it. It's spectacular!!

See the coconuts on this palm tree? This is in the yard here.  I was advised NOT to stand or sit under the tree, since the wind was really blowing both yesterday and today! According to my host, one of these coconuts falling on my head could do a lot of damage- even cause death! (Oh my!)

The "West  Wing Guest Room"
Entrance to the West Wing

View from my room
The shower!

Every aspect of this bathroom is beautiful!
I Love the antique mirrors!
There's even a fireplace in the bedroom!
This lovely home is filled with beautiful antique Asian furnishings.

Entrance to the half bath.

The fireplace on the lania
There is even a kitchen on the lania!

Today has been one of Humpback Whale watching, relaxing, and laughter. I am so blessed to be with my friend, this wonderful host, and this beautiful surroundings!

Tomorrow Ron and I will be again rising early to catch a ferry to the Island of Maui!! Please follow along as I continue this wonderful adventure!

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