Monday, March 30, 2015

Marcy's Travel Blog- Hello Island Of Oahu And The Makaha Valley!

We boarded an airplane at Molokai for  the Island of Oahu, arriving 30 minutes later.  Food shopping was first on the list as we headed for home. Ron lives in the Makaha Valley, which is in the far South Western part of the Island.  Traffic here is always rush hour,  as Ron says.  So it did take us a while to arrive home.
Once unpacked we headed for Thai food, being too tired to cook.

The next day we jumped in the car for a drive along the Southern coast- to the far West end of the Island.  Our drive had the Mountains on our right, and beautiful white sandy beaches and blue Ocean on our left! 

One of the many great beaches, mountain views, and hiking trails is just down the road from Makaha- called Ka'ena Point.

There are only so many times that one can write  descriptive words such as "Majestic,  Beautiful, or Awe Inspiring." So I'll use the old expression "A picture is worth a thousand words"! Here is a few thousand's worth!

These three little ones were playing in a small pool of water on the beach. I was concerned when I realized one was just a baby! However, I was told that most "beach babies" swim by the time they're 6 months old! This little one seemed right at home!

Back at the Makaha Valley near where Ron lives, the beaches are just as glorious!

The next day we decided that a morning at the Makaha  beach was a great idea!

Near the beach is a park that once was a Nature Center- now overgrown. Ron and I found a Banyan tree!
I love walking the beach! The waves were pretty strong that day, almost knocked me off of my feet!

Ron believes in a bit of shelter for our Backgammon game- he won the championship!

The sounds of the surf almost lulls one to sleep!
My foot prints walking in the opposite direction! By then the sand was getting a bit toasty!

It was an absolutely perfect day!  I sat on the beach trying to absorb the sun, sounds, and view- savoring my time here. I'm hoping for another beach day before returning home! Perhaps it's the Michigan Winters that make this place so glorious in contrast. But I think that Hawaii is a place where Mother Nature shines, no matter where you come from.

I'll be here for a few more days, and am anxious to share my stories with you! Thank you for following along!  I'll return soon with more Island adventures!!

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Dale Allen said...

beautiful pictures! what wonderful trip this must have been! thank you for sharing!