Saturday, March 28, 2015

Marcy's Travel Blog- Goodbye To Molokai!

On my last morning on the Island of Molokia, I walked to the shore to say my "goodbye's".

 The sunrise brought with it a rooster's crow. Various birds chimed in with their morning songs and calls, making the morning dawn awash in Mother Nature's choir!

The waves that roared in the distance turned to gentle laps on the shore.
The mist that often shrouds the Island of Lanai across the way lifted- bathing the Island in almost mystical morning light.

And, as the sun bathed the palm trees like a morning embrace, I was again reminded how blessed I was to be in this beautiful place.

There are many aspects to the Island of Molokia, and much history. I want to go back to this place, to see where Father Damian lived and worked with the lepers and to walk the many nature trails there.  I again want to walk the quiet shore and absorb the beauty, the solitude, and the calm of this paradise!

Taking one last walk along the beach, my heart whispered a sigh of gratitude- gratitude to my dear friend Ron for bringing me to Molokai.  And gratitude to our wonderful host, who relinquished his haven of solitude to have us there. His beautiful home and sense of humor made that visit a true slice of heaven!!

Our next adventure brought us back to the Island of Oahu, and the Makaha Valley where my friend Ron lives. Please follow along as we spend the last half of our vacation sight seeing, cooking, and enjoying the splendor!

Life is an Adventure, and once in a while- an adventure of a life time!!

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