Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Marcy's Travel Blog- Preparing For The Holidays!

I almost called this post "NESTING", since that's what most of this year has been about! My lovely new home has taken a great deal of my time, and most of my "travel funds" this year.  I've had to ignore my itchy travel foot in leu of purchasing for my new place.

I have to admit, I am not a nester by nature.  Though I love to entertain, travel and adventure is never far from my mind.  There are times, however,  when the old body needs to rest, or comes down with a bad cold!  Then there's no place like home!  And as the song says- "There is no place like home for the Holidays!"

Speaking of Holidays, for my Jewish friends, last night was the beginning of their holiday!  To them I wish a Happy Hanukkah!

I was blessed with a visit from a dear life long friend, Gail Wyatt. (Who was camera shy this visit!)  She put up my Christmas tree for me, plus blessed me with the lovely outfit you see in my above picture!  The poinsettia is also from her! What a lovely visit we had!  Now this is another reason to do a bit of nesting!  One can have out of town guests!

As you see by the picture here, my lovely tree is waiting for additional decorations!  My Grandchildren are going to help with that!  (Yet another lovely "Nesting" plus! Grandchildren spending the night!)

During Gail's visit I had family and extended family to my home for dinner.  There was eight of us, and my new dinning room accommodated us all!  What a great evening!

The menu:  Roast, potatoes, vegetables, Tilapia with rice, salad, and hard rolls!  Thank goodness, the food was delicious. (As a cook, I always worry over my food. It either is wonderful or awful, no in-between!)

In addition to celebrating Gail's visit, we also celebrated my son Steven's Birthday!

Of course, as an old man of 36, he needed help blowing out the candles.  (His mother-in-law baked the cake, and placed the candles to say 63! Love this family's humor!)

So Steven and his daughter Payton blew out the candles while his son Evan took a picture.

What a fun evening we had!  With a bit of gentle ribbing all around, memories shared, and never ending humor, laughter filled my sweet abode!

I have had wonderful Holidays and also some lonely ones.  There were Holidays where I was flying, working my flights instead of celebrating.   I do have some special memories connected with those flights, lovely unexpected moments shared with strangers.    But those stories are for another blog!

My wish for you, dear readers during this "Pre-Holiday" season:  Please take a moment each day to laugh, to hug, to snuggle.  No matter the decorations, the baking, or the shopping- the true memories are the happy moments shared with those we love!  For those who are without friends and family this season, how about a little "pay it forward" each day. (Pick up someone's coffee tab,  hold the door open for someone, show a kindness. It doesn't have to be much or be expensive.) It will keep Christmas in your heart!

Life is a Wonderful Adventure! And the moments of laughter, of friendship, of Love we share is what makes the Adventure worthwhile!

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