Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Marcy's Travel Blog- A New Year! NO Resolutions! It's Bucket List Time!

2014 was a year of "Nesting", amazing animals taken care of, and family time. It has been a wonderful year of good health, countless blessings, and lovely friendships.

This is where I spent a good deal of time this past year. I'm so blessed to have a lovely home to rent! The nesting has been fun, but 2015 is calling! It's already whispering to me "Travel…travel"!

Within the happy hubbub of moving and family time there were moments of longing for the open road, the sky "calling" me to take wing to far off places, or what one might call an itchy foot.

Even the sound of a train whistle in the middle of the night would pull at my heart, like a soft voice in the distance- urging me to adventure and exploration. And in my head, countless stories would whirl, longing to be put on paper.

I know that many people take the opportunity on the first on the New Year to make resolutions. Perhaps, at this phase of my life a "Bucket List" would be more appropriate!  So here goes. My Bucket List for 2015:

#1. The Makaha Valley on the Island of Oahu, Hawaii! This is a place of majestic beauty, sunshine, and breathtaking views!

And of course, the wonderful beaches and Ocean! This will be a flying trip, since going by ship takes quite a while!

#2. Florida is also on my list! I plan on meeting and visiting a fellow "Padrta", who has graciously invited me! (Another flying adventure!)

#3.  A road trip to South Carolina taking secondary roads, and meandering through the countryside. Once there, I have three lovely young ladies and their families to visit!  Perhaps we can do a "cooking adventure" like this past year?  (I love road trips, as long as I can stop often and stay off the expressways !)

#4. Visit my brother Terry and his wife Leanne in Portland, Oregon. (This too will be a fly in)

#5. Once school is out, I want to take my Grandchildren to the Henderson Castle in Kalamazoo, Michigan. (This adventure will be by way of Amtrak!)

#6. I've always wanted to go to the "Cherry Festival" in Traverse City, Michigan. This year I hope to go! (Road trip)

#7. In the late fall I plan on going to Orlando, Florida. I LOVE  Epcot and all of Disney's wonderful parks! I don't know yet if that will be by plane, train, or automobile!

#8. I've been invited to visit my friends in India. This would be a wonderful and exciting trip!

#9. I have relatives in the Czech Republic, one which has invited me to visit! How wonderful it would be to see where my Grandfather Padrta and family hailed from! And to meet new family would be grand!

That's my bucket list for 2015!  I have no idea how many of these I'll check off this coming year!  It is indeed a very full list!  Of course , I will invite you lovely readers to come along via my blog.  We'll see what sort of adventures present themselves along the way!

For you wonderful readers out there in "Bloggerville",  A Happy, Safe, Healthy New Year!!

Remember: Life is a Wonderful Adventure, even when it's a Bumpy Ride!!

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