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Marcy's Travel Blog- Happy Chaos Equals A Merry Christmas!!

I started a personal tradition of wrapping my gifts in plain brown paper, then asking my grandchildren to draw pictures to place on the front of the gifts. This has turned out to be a fun, inexpensive, and family friendly way to wrap!

Off I went to my son Steven's home, where 8 of us were celebrating Christmas day! I added my gifts to the multitude that already had arrived.

In attendance, along with my son, his lovely wife Mia, their two children (Evan and Payton)- were Mia's parents Bill and Willy, myself, and Steven's father Gene.

Coffee and Mimosa's were available as we awaited the crazy carnage of unwrapping gifts!

Not a good picture, but it gives you an idea about how it went. The kids had waited patiently for hours until we all arrived, and now it was time to see what those packages held!

The marvelous thing about my family is their sense of humor! The  joy for all (and even the children) was the ribbing, the laughter, the silliness that makes such a gathering a wonderful memory! The gifts were grand, but secondary.

Papa Gene modeled his new grilling apron. (The flower was his own personal touch!)

Son Steven received a few "Detroit" shirts. Neither men could wait to try on their new things!

Perhaps it's a good thing they are pilots instead of models? LOL!

Mia's folks Bill and Willy looked on with amusement at the whole "Modeling" process.

One last modeling picture! Payton received a "Princess" dress from Papa Gene! Normally she's not camera shy, but is a bit in this picture. Gene was afraid it would be too big, but it fit perfectly! Payton is a wonderful combination of tom boy and princess!

My Granddaughter's request to Santa this year: Flowers, and vases- so she could set up a flower shop!

She must have been a good girl this past year! She got her wish! What an interesting child she is! Many 5 year old girls would be wanting a baby doll!

Payton got her Daddy a screw driver for Christmas. The joke between them is the handle of the screw driver. Flowers! Pink flowers! For a man who didn't want pink clothing, lace, and frilly stuff for his girl, he certainly has changed! LOL. (Reality check!) Now, of course, he loves all the things she loves!

The family's going on a ski trip in January, so many of the gifts from Papa Gene were ski gear! Evan was completely outfitted for the upcoming trip!

I received many wonderful gifts! Mia chose some fantastic pictures and household decor items for my new digs! Thanks to everyone for the lovely and thoughtful things!

Phase I down, on to Phase II !! Brunch!

Mia and her mom Willy put on a lovely brunch! Steven was happy to "photo bomb" this otherwise great picture! LOL! I think I mentioned my families humor?

One word:  YUMMY!

It was break time. Off I went back home for a long walk with this lovely pup! Then a little nap! I needed to get ready for Phase III- Christmas dinner!

 Yep- quick nap was in order! One more walk with Luna and back to the family gathering!

Mia's father Bill also thought a nap was a grand idea!

Steven and the kids were enjoying some play time with Bill and Willy's dog!

The dog's name is Zoe- a rescue from a puppy mill. She was very skittish when they first got her, but now LOVES to play with Steven and the children!

A son makes a wonderful pillow!

It was great to have some mother and son talk time over coffee! I have to say, it is obvious I just woke up from a nap, but they loved me anyway!

I can't remember the name of the new video game the kids got, but Payton- though at first a bit frustrated- soon started to enjoy it! (Notice she decided to go back to her Christmas nighty!) Comfort was the rule of the day!

On to Phase III- The Meal! It was standing Rib Roast, big tossed salad, baked potatoes, wonderful gravy, and green beans! The Rib Roast was one of the best I've ever tasted! Mia is a fantastic cook! And I believe she said this was the first rib roast she's ever made! Thumbs up, Mia! The meal was fantastic!

Of course, no meal is complete at my son's house without a story or two! This meal's story had to do with my inability to ride any of the carnival rides! A story is always better enhanced and exaggerated for the sake of the story! Steven had us in stitches!

Dessert was two favorites: Pumpkin pie and Cherry pie!!

It was time for me to gather my things and waddle out to my car! It was a wonderful, laughter filled, yummy day!

Though the presents were lovely and the food fantastic, it was the camaraderie, the laughter, the stories, and the day seen through my Grandchildren's eyes that made this day a wonderful memory!

Thank you for following along and being a part of the retelling of a wonderful Holiday!

In all life's adventures, it's the human connection that enhances- even makes the memories!

May your week leading up to the New Year be one of Peace!

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