Tuesday, November 25, 2014

My Early Thanksgiving Blog

Greetings to you all!

 I'm sitting with my coffee, dogs playing wildly at my feet, and thinking on my many ups and downs in life. I believe I can say that I no longer get too excited or upset about much anymore. (At least, not the negative kind of excited)  I've lived through enough to know I can survive almost anything! I've learned to set firm limits for people, to forgive but be wise in my future with them, and to count my blessings daily!  Life's lessons are really HARD sometimes, but there is always wisdom to be had on the other side.  What a journey this has been! I will also add that I've been blessed with wonderful people in my life, people who have taught me, loved me, laughed and cried with me, and added such richness! I can now honestly say that I'm grateful for each and every hardship, for it's honed me into who I am today! Blessings and warm thoughts to you all!  "Being Grateful"  is a wonderful way to keep everything in prospective!

 Have a Safe, Grateful, and Happy Thanksgiving!!

The Flight Nun

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