Thursday, November 27, 2014



 It's a wonderful day to count your Blessings! A day of Gratitude! Time to throw the diet aside and eat all those yummy dishes! It's also a time with family and/ or friends.

Let's admit it, there can be tension too. Expectations, good and bad within the family. Or a lonely time if separated from loved ones.

I believe this day can be filled with joy, no matter the circumstances. Starting by thinking on things one is grateful for, people and things we may take for granted is a good start!

I myself have realized that my cup overflows! I no longer take life for granted. Each day has become a blessing, a gift! Good health, more than enough food, a warm place to be in the Winter, family- all these things can be assumed until you see folks who loose these things. It then becomes apparent that those are blessing to be cherished- and Grateful for!

Happy Thanksgiving, all!  Have a safe, warm, peaceful, yummy day of Gratitude and kindness!

The Flight Nun

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