Friday, September 19, 2014

Marcy's Travel Blog- September Stroll- A Taste Of Howell, Michigan!

I'm always looking for something fun to do in my home town. This event caught my attention! Food! Lots of different tastes from many different restaurants! Right up my taste buds!

There was a total of eight (8) eateries on the Restaurant Crawl, all to be offering a little slice of their finest cuisine! This event took place this past Wednesday, from 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Though this is the 5th Annual September Stroll, it was my first time attending. I wasn't sure what to expect, other then a sample of food here and there, but looked forward to it with a certain excitement.

A special event is more fun when shared with those you love! My daughter-in-law Mia and Grandson Evan were my guests for the evening. Evan had a Math Lego event at school that afternoon, but left a bit early to be our handsome escort for the evening! Thank you, Evan!

Our first assigned stop was Cleary's Pub.

 I found this event well organized. Once inside Cleary's, we were directed to an assigned room, where a gentleman named Anthony checked our Badges (this events form of a ticket),  and gave us a map of the order we were to follow to visit the different restaurants. Anthony assured us that there would be an event greeter at each place.

On to the really important stuff--Food!
Cleary's sampling was stuffed mushroom and Bruschetta. Since Evan is 11 years old, I didn't expect him to like everything. The only rule was that he had to at least give everything a try.

Mia and I found the Brochette good, and the Stuffed Mushroom outstanding! Evan didn't care for it, which meant more for us! Another Thank you to Evan! Ha!

Next stop- The Candy Bar

In the back room, there was a table with different samples of chocolates, punch, and white chocolate pretzels.

They also had candy flavored Vodka in different flavors, but neither Mia nor I tried them..

The assortment in the main store looked tempting, but we decided to push on to other places, and leave the sweets- at least for this evening!

Next on our list was Mr. B's Rustic Tavern!
This was impressive! They had set up a buffet to sample several dishes. They had Sandwich wraps, Chili, 2 different types of Chicken Wings, and Salmon, along with bottled water.

I tried the Chix Wings and the Salmon. The Chix Wings were good.
I have to say, the Salmon was fantastic! That has my vote next time I go there!

Next was the Uptown Coffeehouse!  Mia chose a Chai Latte. Evan chose hot chocolate.

I have to say, for all my addiction to the wonderful coffee, I like it plain- black- no flavoring! I know, boring, right? But, that's what I like, so that's what I ordered. I was ready for a good hot cup of the stuff by now, just for a little break from all the good yummy food!

Next on the list was Moe's Bar Bar!

Eventually this hamburger restaurant will also include a Barber Shop!

But for right now, it's yummy Hamburgers. Evan was happy!

Perhaps a bit slower now, weighed down with bellies pretty full, we headed to our next stop- Howell's Main Street Winery!

For some reason, the smell of all that wine bothered Evan, so he sat at one of the tables outside. Mia and I got a sample of our choice of wine. Pizza was also available! Oh my! I'll not count the calories for that evening! But, it was a time for munching and enjoying each other's company, so I put calorie
counting off for another day!

Right near by was our next stop- Heart Of Michigan.

Inside was an array of products, from wooden trays in the shape of the Upper and Lower Peninsula, wind chimes, books, and many different jars of products made here in this state.

At the back of the store is an ice-cream counter. We received a cup of what ever flavor we chose. I chose a chocolate and cherry!

And we had one more restaurant to visit!

Diamonds! I have heard good things about this restaurant, but had never been inside!

I was impressed with their dish. We were given a sampling of beef tips in barbecue sauce, a potato dish, and fish. All were good.I'm not crazy about barbecue sauce (just my preference) but would love to try the beef tips without the sauce. The potato and fish were excellent.

The Finale! Diamonds surprised us with a dessert of Yummy Carrot Cake! Delicious!

As we waddled back to our cars, we had to agree that great food and great company makes for a wonderful evening!

Thank you, Mia and Evan for accompanying me on this culinary adventure! Perhaps again next year? 

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