Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Marcy's Travel Blog- An Afternoon Of Awards, And MORE Food! Oh My!

Sam and I before the Awards Ceremony

I left you on Sunday as I was heading out to an "Awards Event" for my hostess Kim's oldest son, Sam. Hundreds of High Schoolers participated in the South Carolina's Science and Engineering Fair competition, and according to the speaker, the competition was tough this year!

Sam got "Honorable Mention" in the Geology category.

The little guy standing in front of Sam was collecting the award for his sister. When he first walked on stage, I thought we had a baby genius on our hands!

Sam came in 3rd place in Environmental Science. Way to go, Sam! Good job!!

We later laughingly said that the little guy was stealing Sam's thunder!

Sam with his proud parents, Kim and James.

This is Kim and James' ranch, which I found out is called a "Hobby Farm".

They have a pool! Unfortunately, even though was 88 degrees today, it's a bit early to open it. (Sad face)

The bushes here have beautiful rd leaves on the tips. I don't know what their name is, but they sure are pretty!

Kim says she can't wait for all the trees to turn green! I'm with her! But South Carolina will see green leaves long before Michigan will. (Another sad face)

I can't really complain. I've had a wonderful week in a warm place, made warmer by wonderful friends!

Now- about food!

These pizzas fed lots of people! That was one meal that wasn't homemade!

Kim made "Tomato Pies", which I had never had before! Fresh cut up tomatoes, lots of onion, sautéed bacon cut into pieces, mayo, shredded cheese, and Italian seasonings- placed in a pie crust and baked for 45 minutes, and there you go. Tomato pie! Kim served them with a big tossed salad. It was wonderful!

Another night we had "Jambalaya"! Delicious! Yep, the diet is waiting in Michigan. (Groaning with glutenous pleasure!)

The animals here are hysterical! Kim's dog Max got wet in the rain. He's on the love seat, trying to dry off. Dawn's dog (and Max the dog's girlfriend) is on the floor. Her name is Athena.

Max decided that the top of his head needed scratching. This is his answer to that problem! Athena has the same expression I had! LOL!

Kim's 19 chicks are just about ready to go to the chicken coop- in about another week. However, we have had escapees!

Yesterday morning, after Kim went to work, I heard some loud chirping. Two had escaped from the red bin. I gathered them and put them back. No less than 5 times this happened, with three escaping at one time.

I don't know who will be happier when they are moved to the out of doors, the chicks or Kim!

Last evening was girls night out! What fun! But that's for another blog. And today I head back to Michigan! Check back to hear about our girls night out and my return to the frozen tundra! (Or so it will seem!)

Life is an adventure, and diet or not,  imbibing in the wonderful Southern flavors enhanced this wonderful vacation!

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