Thursday, March 27, 2014

Marcy's Travel Blog- Hobo Stew, Chicken Piccata, A Slew Of Friends, And "Girl" Time!

Tuesday my hostess Kim and I put together two huge pots of Hobo Stew! We ended up with 17 people, all munching on French Bread and Hobo Stew. No one ordered pizza instead, so I guess it was a success!

Kim and James has 4 children (three are hungry teenage boys) so that's a family of 6. Add 1 more, another teen friend of theirs= 7
Then there's Jamie, Cameron,  and their three children= a family of 5
Then there's Dawn and her three teenagers- two which are hungry athletes.= family of 4
plus me= a total of 17 Hobo Stew eaters!

(I made two huge pots of the stuff!)  YUM

Last night I made Chicken Piccata! I wasn't sure that the teens would enjoy the meal. We were down by 5, since Jamie's son had a game. But it was a big hit. It was Chicken Piccata, lemon rice, asparagus, and lemony cucumbers. Below is a picture!

I know I promised lots of pictures, but the weather (and me being busy in the kitchen) hasn't allowed much picture taking! However, today we have sunshine! Kim's daughter Autumn promised she'd take me around the ranch and introduce me to all the animals, of which there are quite a few! So..for you animal lovers, check back and see what I'll be introduced to today!

I'm not cooking today, but tomorrow is Pot Roast day! (Can you tell? I LOVE to feed people! Especially when they like my cooking!)

Life is an adventure, and a culinary adventure is the spice of life!

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