Sunday, March 30, 2014

Marcy's Travel Blog- Dove Chocolate and Pot Roast- GOODBYE DIET!!

Saturday was a YUMMY day! First, I went to a "Dove Chocolate" party, put on by Dawn- (one of the three lovely young women I'm visiting here in South Carolina).

I had no idea of all the products "Dove Chocolate" puts out! My daughter-in-law Mia would be thrilled! She LOVES chocolate!

Dawn presented everything from Chocolate BBQ rubs and sauce, salad dressings, to dessert drinks. And, of course, desserts, yummy munches, and dips!

Once home I put together two large roasts, carrots, chopped onions, and 5 pounds of potatoes! The wonderful smell that permeated the house made everyone's mouth water! (We cut up big chunks of french bread to dip in gravy)

I was hoping to get a picture of 16 people chowing down on my latest meal. Alas, between work and teen activity schedules, we all ate in shifts. But all was well. The only thing leftover was some potatoes. It turned out well and made my "chef's heart" happy.

Now today is a special day. My hostess Kim's oldest son is going to an award's event. He has won several awards for his "fuel conservation" projects at school, and even made a T.V. commercial! Now he's being honored by the State of South Carolina for his work. Not bad for a young man who just turned 18 years old! His interest is in Nuclear Energy.

This young man's name is Sam. His First love is hunting and Second is Nuclear Energy. Not being sure if he could get his own T.V. hunting show, he decided to go with Nuclear Energy, and leave the Hunting Hunting Show until later.

Check back tomorrow for highlights of Sam's award event!

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