Friday, March 28, 2014

Marcy's Travel Blog- Animals, Animals, And More Animals!!

For those of you who have just tuned in, I"m in Chapin, South Carolina- and yes, I'm showing off my sun glasses! Sunshine! Yes! Since I live in Michigan, I haven't seen sunshine for a while! I'm visiting my best friend's daughters, and staying with Kimberly- who has a 3 acre ranch! There are LOTS of animals here!

This is Annie, a small Shi-Tzu. Obviously a lap dog! Very sweet!

There's a Rooster and two hens!
Kimberly also has 19 chicks they are raising!

This is Autumn, Kimberly's daughter. She proudly shows off the eggs they are collecting!
Meet Max, a rather camera shy Bull Mastiff- not quite a year old.
Max is letting us know he'd like water!

This is a sweet goat named Cletus!
The lamb is the goats best friend. Camera shy, I couldn't get a good picture of  his sweet face. His name is Buddy
Meet porkchop, one of the three pigs! These ladies are BIG!
The pink lady is called Hamlett and the black beauty is called Bullet
Next Kimberly showed me her future garden. This is Rosemary.
Kimberly was so excited to see her Garlic growing!

The Peas are just coming up.
We rounded out this wonderful day by going to Chapin Middle School's Spring Concert. One of the girls I'm visiting, Jamie- has a son who was in this concert. Here is the combined choirs singing "We Are The World" by Michael Jackson. They were so good, they made me tear up!

It was another wonderful day of my vacation! I will be here for 5 more days, and YES, the temperatures will get into the 70's! What's more wonderful than Great Friends, Great surroundings, Good food, and Wonderful Weather!

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