Friday, November 1, 2013

Marcy's Travel Blog- Twas The Night Before Halloween! A "Stable" Adventure!

An attempt at a bit of poetry:

Twas the night before Halloween, and all through the stable,

The Creatures were stirring, there was food on the table.

The pumpkins were lit, the lights turned down low.

The cat's eyes were shinning with an eerie glow.

With haystacks, the kittens, the horse in the stall-
and a dog who snuck nibbles-

Twas a good time for all!

So much for poetry. I'll leave it for those who are good at it! Ha!

 But our little barn get -together was indeed fun! Three adults, two children, a dog, a horse, and several cats made up the group!

The following are some fun memories of our "Twilight" pre-Halloween get-together!

The Barn and decor:

With the lights turned down low, everything had a rather mysterious shadow like quality, but not scary. With the animals mulling about, it was a cozy sort of feeling!

Animals and children- a great mix!

These two are fast friends!

This kitty likes the whipped cream on the hot chocolate.
The newest kitty gets some loving!
Maggie the dog just got caught stealing a sandwich!
…but, she was forgiven, and given plenty of attention!
Hats and haystacks!

Everyone took their turn trying on the "Barn Hat".

Looking for kittens, perhaps?
Climbing haystacks had to be a good part of the fun!

And so ended our "stable" adventure by pumpkin light! Egg salad sandwiches, hot cocoa, and whipped cream in the coffee added to the cozy get-together!

And then- we were ready for Halloween! Check back with me tomorrow to see what happened to my poor grandson!


monica said...

Love your blog <3. That was a beautiful look at a cool fall evening with the animals and kids. You are an artist and a poet with a beautiful heart.

Marcy Padrta said...

Monica- Thank you so much for following along! Glad you enjoyed it!