Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Marcy's Travel Blog- Granny And The Big Bad Wolf, And Other Adventures!

To me, seeing the world through a child's eyes is a fascinating and fun adventure. This past couple of weeks have been spent maneuvering the world of a four year old, as well as great food, wild storms and power outages! This post is focused on Payton's version of the world!

To begin with, my granddaughter Payton has her own version of everything, including fairy tales! I was hanging out with her last week. She decided to enact her own special version of "Granny and the Big Bad Wolf".

She played the part of Granny. It cracked me up that her idea of a Granny was to wear her glasses on the edge of her nose, the way I wear my reading glasses!

In her version of this story, Granny is pro-active, and proceeds to tie up the big bad wolf (me)!

In her mind, the Big Bad Wolf was disguised to the max! By the time she was done with me, I could not recognize myself!

Evidently Payton thinks the Big Bad Wolf believed in a great deal of BLING! Oh my!

And no Big Bad Wolf is complete without furry slippers! Totally tied up and decorated, Granny Payton felt the story was compete!
At that point, Payton decided that a bit of art work was in order! Since she was working with paint, her folks have taught her a whole routine for setting up, which includes towels on the kitchen floor, paint and water set up just so, and very few cloths on the body! (Picture NOT included! Ha! But trust me, it was cute!)

Payton the Prolific Painter!

And what special day is complete without having a "Spa Day"? Her version of this is to set up her makeup, while watching "Max and Ruby's Spa Day"!

My Granddaughter is a combination of "Tom Boy" and "Princess", which in my mind makes her pretty well rounded!

She made her Spa Day look like such fun, I went home and had a spa day of my own!
Next I'll be sharing a special recipe and memory of one of the yummiest Italian dishes from my childhood! Until then!

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