Friday, October 18, 2013

Marcy's Travel Blog- A "Weather Angel's" Revenge!

One of the many tree lined roads in the area

At mid-morning my friend Gail decided to take me on a little road trip to a place called "Canadian Lakes, Michigan"- about 30 miles south east from Big Rapids.

There was a slight drizzle in the air, but seemed to be lightning up.

Just down the road from Gail's home is the "Muskegon River". As you can tell by the sky, it was beginning to cloud over.

Once at "Canadian Lakes" we drove to the high point of the area. The view was wonderful!

In spite of the drizzle, the colors here were fantastic! I'm just glad my camera picked up the orange, red, and yellow that was on display!

Note the clouds hanging over the area- but what a pretty scene!

I asked Gail to take my picture- proof that I actually was here! (My photos were looking like water color paintings! I wanted proof the foliage really looks like this!)

This was the perfect spot to get wonderful pictures! God bless my friend Gail for bringing me here!

Can you believe the colors here? Breath taking!

The drizzle was getting heavier. I jokingly told Gail that if this didn't lighten up- I was firing that old weather angel!

Evidently, the weather angel doesn't have a sense of humor! Not moments after I said that, it started to pour! (Note the rain on the windshield!)

Gail wanted to show me a castle that was here. It was built by the gentleman who developed this area. He use to live in the penthouse of the castle. Since his death, his relatives have rented the castle out for special events, such as weddings.
I stood in the rain, hoping you'd be able to see the castle through the haze.

This is a small section of the castle close up. It was a shame we couldn't go inside for a tour, but they no longer do that.

This is a view from the castle to the valley below. By now we were about as sopping wet as we were willing to tolerate. With gratitude for the wonderful colors we did get a chance to capture, we decided to head back to Big Rapids.

It rained hard- all the way back. Once in town we rain through the rain to a little restaurant. We ordered a cup of soup and  half a grilled cheese sandwich. That hit the spot and lifted our spirits a bit!

Once home we took a bit of time to relax, dry off, and edit some pictures.

In the evening we headed back to town, this time to an Italian Restaurant called "Vivo's"! A Salad, glass of wine, and good pasta made for a lovely evening!

As we left the restaurant, we realized the rain had stopped. Truly, that weather angel had taken her revenge for being fired! But having captured some fantastic pictures, I'd say I had the last laugh!!

And to round out a colorful- and a bit soggy of a day, a full moon shone bright in a clear evening sky!

Life is truly an adventure, even if the weather (or weather angel) doesn't want to cooperate! I got a chance to spend time with a dear friend, see some magnificent color, have good Italian food, and was blessed with a full moon to boot! Ah yes, life is good!

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