Thursday, October 17, 2013

Marcy's Travel Blog- In Each Life Some Rain Must Fall! But No Damp Spirits!

Greetings! When you last heard from me, I was looking at an overcast sky, thinking I should've asked that "Weather Angel" for some sunshine!

I wandered a bit of my friend Gail's 20 acre property, enjoying the birds at the feeders, the horse here that refuses to go into the barn, and the colored foliage!

I believe these are "wild sassafras" by her rock garden.

Gail's gazebo is lovely and inviting!

Across the road from Gail's house- the wild sassafras in full of color!

This is Bucky! He's around 18 years old. Gail says come rain, shine, sleet, or snow storm, Bucky refuses to go into the barn!

After a bit of wandering, it began to rain. I scolded my weather angel for not doing her job- and went inside.

Friend Gail is a real estate agent, so had some business to attend to. We had a lovely lunch of homemade chicken salad and lots of munchies. At precisely 2:15 p.m. the sun came out- and for a brief 5 minutes we had a glorious sky---which then clouded over and started to rain..again!

Not to be undone by the weather, We went shopping! We went to a clothing store called "Peebles". I informed Gail I wasn't buying anything- though I did need some sweaters! Of course, what do I find in the store? Sweaters! Beautiful tunic type sweaters, just my color, for 40% off! Five sweaters later and a swipe of my credit card, we headed to the super market.

My evening was spent in good company, good food, and good humor! Gail's rea-estate partner Jim, along with his lovely wife joined us for dinner. Steak, potatoes, and all sorts of munchies filled the evenings menu!

This morning I checked the weather. You guessed it. Rain is in the forecast! So I stepped outside to take a few photos before the wet stuff showed up.

Through the early morning mist, the colors were muted- but lovely.

The wonderful thing about true friendship? Well, come rain or shine- through tough times and fair- the love, support, and humor always is there!

I've known Gail for 48 years! And I'm blessed to count her as a true and loyal friend, one of those people who always cheer you upward.

In life, if you are blessed with one TRUE friend in life, then you are Blessed Indeed!

Our agenda for today? Look for those beautiful bits of scenery to show you wonderful folks,-AND- see what sort of trouble we can get into!

Until my next post, you all stay well, safe, and dry!

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