Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Marcy's Travel Blog- A Deaf Boxer and Feline Side Kick- Rescued Pets!

Along with my travel adventures, I have the privilege to keep company from time to time with some amazing animals. When I'm with them, I'm known as "Auntie M".  Of course, no one can tell their story as well as they can, so you will be hearing from them!

I find these two rescue animals fascinating! I Think you'll  enjoy their stories.

Greetings! My name is Gabby! (It's funny that I have that name, because I don't bark much, and I think I was born deaf!)  But in spite of my hearing problem, my owners let me know I'm a pretty lady- and worth the extra effort to communicate!!

I have a very interesting story, filled with angels -in the way of humans!

I don't remember much about being a little pup. I was on the street for a long time. When I was about a year old a Dog Warden found me, and brought me to the Toledo, Ohio  Humane Society.

A nice person took me in, deaf ears and all. But they got sick- very sick, so eventually had to bring me back to the Humane Society. Those people were wonderful to me, but worked hard to get me a home. Next I went with a nice person, but then they got a divorce, so back to the shelter I went. I wasn't sure what was going to happen to me!

Someone from the Toledo Humane Society took me home and trained me to understand sign language! I was happy to learn what they were trying to tell me to do!  They were pretty proud of me, and so was I!

But now I was two years old. Because of the policy at the shelter, the lovely people there were becoming desperate to find me a good home with wonderful owners. (I guess you can only stay there for so long)

Meanwhile, here in Michigan a wonderful couple got a e-mail from a relative, showing some German Shepherds they might be interested in. The site was "Paws for Life". There was also a video of me on that site! (As I said, the volunteers at the shelter knew I had to find a home fast, so they connected with Paws For Life)

When this Michigan couple saw my video, and realized I needed to be adopted quickly, they decided to come and get me! (I must be photogenic!) That was about a year ago! It's been a wonderful year! Thanks to my new owners, I have a place I can call HOME!! As you see, human "Angels" have somehow kept me safe all my life!

Which brings us to Auntie M's visit!

My owners both needed to be out of town, So Auntie M came to stay. I am not the only animal in this house. There is a feline here who is not very friendly to me- but you'll hear her story later! Auntie M and I got along great! (Perhaps it's because I'm deaf, and she doesn't hear that well either! Ha!)

Every morning and evening Auntie M gave me a good brush down, which felt SO good! Of course, she also told me what a beautiful young lady I was! That made me feel pretty special! Then we went on our walk!

This is how Auntie M did my leash! With just a touch or gentle tug on the leash, I know exactly what she wanted me to do. I got a little carrot for a treat each time we got back home- I rarely pulled at all! Auntie M said she was so proud of me!

The weather was beautiful for four straight days, so I got to spend a lot of time outside!

I sat with Auntie M while she had her coffee outside!

The sun felt wonderful! This was like a four day weekend! I couldn't help myself! This just felt so good! With the sun shinning on me I look like a ghost dog!

Of course, I couldn't be outside all the time. This is my happy napping place while inside. Do you see that aquarium next to my bed? It has turtles and fish in it! I think my owners just love all living things!

In case you're wondering, I'm watching a squirrel who loves to harass me! Auntie M can't decide if we're friends or not. But that squirrel certainly likes to get me to chase him!

My late afternoons were a busy time! Here I'm on the back deck, getting ready for my favorite game!

You got it! I'm looking for the squirrel! It's chase time! One of Auntie M's favorite stories is sitting on the back deck with me while I surveyed the back yard for that critter. Auntie M heard the squirrel chattering away, and realized it was behind me on the deck! It seems this is a game! And I have to admit, I'm not sure what I would do if I caught him! (My female owner calls this my "pounce mode"!)

As you can tell, life is GOOD! My owners are loving and kind to me, and I try to be a good companion for them!

And now you're going to hear from the "Princess" of the house! (We know it's really me, but why argue with a cat?!)

I am Juliette! I was adopted from the Dearborn Animal Shelter when I was about one year old. Now I'm 13 years old- old enough to have seniority in this house! My female owner lovingly calls me "Jules". No matter what that canine thinks, I know I have the owners heart!

True, I'm rather middle aged. (I do plan on living until I'm 26!) When Auntie M came, I was not too sure about her! She did brush me twice a day. Now that was nice!

Auntie M tried repeatedly to take pictures of me doing one thing or another. I wouldn't cooperate. My advice to her? Talk to my agent !

But what's this thing about shooing me off the table?! After the first time, I decided to tell Auntie M who's table it really was! She had a few items on the table, which I helped her remove. So o.k., they ended up on the floor. Oh well.

I spend my mornings and afternoons napping. But I do enjoy watching this dog of ours run around outside. I perch on the bathroom window sill to watch. The fresh air is lovely. Now, if I could just figure out how to sneak out, I'd show that silly dog how to catch that squirrel!

Several times Auntie M caught me hissing at the dog. Well, what Princess wants her bottom sniffed, or her food disrupted?! Simply put, I was here first! A lovely feline can only tolerate so much!

Actually, the Dog- she's not too bad. I just have to remind her sometimes who's boss.

I realize that Auntie M enjoyed us both. For all my aloofness, I did come running for brushings- and for treats. (I couldn't help myself)

So life is good, much better than being on the street. And the canine Gabby seems to tolerate my moodiness with only an occasional s"sigh".

Come again, Auntie M.  (Just don't put anything on the table, please!) And perhaps figure out a way for me to safely go outdoors?

From Auntie M:  Two rescue pets! Gabby was in desperate need of a home! I'm not sure of Juliette's back story. But both have found a wonderful loving home with their present owners. It's obvious they are loved and well cared for! I so enjoyed spending some time with these two characters, and look forward to the next time!

And perhaps, in the meantime, I can learn a bit more sign language! I'm sure Gabby has more yet to tell me!

Life is indeed an adventure, and rescue animals can provide a devoted companion along that road to adventure!


Diane Stumpo said...

Thank you so much for watching our girls!! They were so well taken care of, they didn't seem to even miss us!! They both have SUCH personalities and you really captured them!

Marcy Padrta said...

Dee- What a joy these girls were to hang out with! I loved Gabby's sweet nature! I also got a kick out of Juliette's somewhat "catty" personality! She's fun! I'd love to see them again! Any time, Dee. I'll be there! Give them an extra brush down and ear tug for me, won't you? :)