Friday, October 25, 2013

Marcy's Travel and Animal Blog- "Mowgli The Cat"- And Her View Of The World!

From Marcy (A.K.A. Auntie M):

  This feline has let me know that she doesn't appreciate being treated as a second fiddle. In the past I've blogged about her housemate- the elderly Canine known as "Ellie". Though Mowgli was mentioned, she didn't get top billing. So- with some ESP messages from this frisky feline, I've decided to put her center stage! This past week I've been hanging out with Mowgli and Ellie.

And the rest is Mowgli's story to tell!

Mowgli:   I am Purr-fectly capable of telling my own story, thank you very much! Auntie M has been here many times, and it's about time I got top billing! I'm an adult feline, with very much a mind of my own!

I am an indoor/outdoor sort of soul. I couldn't possibly be cooped up in the house all day! In this picture I'm sunning myself on a rock. I almost blend in, don't you think? Ninja Feline!

When Auntie M is here, there are several games we play!

Auntie M calls this game "Hide and Seek"! I call it "Stalking the Feline". What does one have to do to get some alone time?!

I call this game "Let me out...let me feel the wind in my fur......

... let me in! Let me in if you love me!...

...Oh let me out! Let me feel the wind in my fur!"

Note to self: Don't push your luck or eventually she will ignore you!

At this point I guess I should mention my house mate, the elderly Canine, Ellie. I believe you've read about her in the past.

There are some major differences between Ellie and I- aside from the fact that we are different species!

Ellie loves to lounge outside! Though I do sun myself from time to time, I am a purr-fectly fantastic hunter!

 I presented Auntie M with a live frog today. She shoo'd me inside, then let the frog go! Disgusting! Well, no frog legs for her tonight! And she can come up with her own food, thank you very much!

Auntie M gives Ellie her medicine by putting the pills with some peanut butter. Ellie sits patiently, Auntie M puts the peanut butter/pills on her finger, feeds it to Ellie.

Auntie M was going to hand me a piece of REAL chicken! Do you see how blurry this photo is? I leapt up, batted the chicken out of her hand, and ate it before it hit the floor! As I said- Ninja Feline!

In case you've been wondering, Ellie's really doing quite well! Of course, this is due to MY encouragement! (I do believe she feels that she has to prove she can do what I can!)

I nap where I please! Today Auntie M decided to wash some towels. She gathered them and put them on the floor. I thought they made a lovely napping bed! You can tell by my expression that I didn't appreciate the interruption! As I said, she seems to be stalking me!

The couch is usually Ellie's napping spot.

Oh well! Since she's elderly, a firm floor's better for her anyway!

Actually, we're good pals. I give her hugs with my tail as I go by, and she barks to let our owners know when I want in. So we're good. I even let her think she's "Best Pet" of the household. I don't need to tell her the truth, that I'm truly the princess around here.

Now you've heard about life around here from my perspective! You'll have to excuse me now. It's time for Auntie M to feed me. I'll stand by the stairs and look like I'm being patient, and only nip her ankles if it takes too long!

From Auntie M: This feline is indeed quite a character! She may look cute and cuddle, but she has a fiercely independent nature, a mind of her own, and is a delight to know!

So this has been my weeks adventure! Saving frogs (or was it a toad?), Hunting down Mowgli Feline when I couldn't fine her, getting swiped while trying to give her a treat of chicken, and generally hanging out with, and enjoying both Mowgli and Ellie's company. 

Life is quite the adventure, when Feline and Canine combine to add joy to the week!

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