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Marcy's Travel Blog- Labor Day! Honoring A Labor Of Love For A Family Of Rescue Dogs!

For 10 days I was  "Auntie M", the name I use when watching over animals. The three canines I watched  are all rescue dogs!

God bless the family that took these three lovable creatures in! Of course, just as with any "family", or in this case "canine pack", they each have their own personalities and stories.

Let me first introduce you to Sally Jo- Yellow Labrador Retriever:

From Sally herself:

I came to live with my owners when I was 10 months old. They got me from "Lab Inc. Rescue". I don't remember my previous life. After all, I was just a pup. I am now 9 years old, and going strong.

Auntie M brushed us just before our walks. I couldn't help myself! Every time she brushed me, I rolled onto my back! I LOVE getting my belly brushed! Unlike Haley, the  Black Lab in this pack, my hair is fine. I don't shed much at all. But love those belly scratches!

I'm probably the most laid back of this pack of three- that is until we go for a walk! I get so excited, I just want to run! Auntie M said I was the most "frisky" walker!

Next is Haley Elizabeth- Black Labrador Retriever:

From Haley Elizabeth herself:

Auntie M says she wishes pictures could show my sweet face! That's the problem with cameras. They just don't show the definition of my face. But if you saw me in person, Auntie M thinks you'd agree with her.

I came to live with my owners when I was 6 months old. My previous owners were getting divorced, so couldn't keep me any longer. Now I'm 8 years old.

My only bad habit? I LOVE food! I gobble mine quickly, then see if I can get Sally to share hers. Auntie M decided I should eat in the crate, letting Sally eat her food in peace. I didn't really mind much. I just sort of missed the goodies.

I love the daily brushings! Unlike Sally, who doesn't shed much, my coat is thick! I shed all the time! So- I'm in heaven when I get a good brush down! This picture shows me in brushing bliss!

When I went for my walks with Auntie M, I liked to meander! I see no reason to hurry, after all! So I walked along slowly. Auntie M didn't have a problem being "leader" with me!

I'm the first to sit quietly for a treat. Like Sally, I'm very laid back---except for food time!

(From Auntie M)- The Labrador Retriever is a gentle, intelligent, family-friendly breed, used not only by hunters but often in search and rescue. Eager to please their masters, the Lab is a willing partner in any endeavor they can master. They are often used as leader dogs for the blind!

Last, but certainly not least is Koda Von Diesel- Shepherd Mix (perhaps German Shepherd/Golden Retriever mix)

From Koda himself:

Well, I'm the youngest of the pack- and the only male. I came to the owners when I was 8 weeks old from WAG rescue! Now I'm 2 years old. I still have a bit of the pup in me, loving to dig holes when I get bored, and enjoy wrestling with the canine girls here. They put up with me pretty well, only scolding me once in a while when I get too frisky.

When Auntie M took me for walks, she put the leash as you see in the picture. It kept me from pulling. The only time I got a bit excited was when I saw a rabbit cross right in front of me! That Auntie M's stronger than she looks! She gave a quick tug and made me sit. I had to watch that rabbit hop happily away! (I think it was laughing at me!)

This was after I got my brush down! Ah! Made me smile!

One of my favorite napping spots is the female owner's chair! Comfort plus!

We all loved Auntie M pulling on our ears!

I know I don't speak "human", but I'm pretty good at making my wishes known. See the food dish in this picture? It's normally in the lower level. But when I was  a bit hungry, I fetched the bowl and plopped it in front of Auntie M! I don't know why she laughed! I'd like to believe she just thought I was smart- as well as handsome!

From Auntie M:

These three make a wonderful pack. With their individual personalities, they do blend to make a great canine family!

We spent the early mornings outdoors, when it was cool. After their brush downs and walks, they were very mellow!

And during the heat of the day, a living room siestas was  perfect for staying cool!

All rescue groups agree: Choose carefully your breed, knowing the needs of the breed as well as your family.

I'd say this family found the perfect rescue pack! They not only blend well with the family, but with each other!

Rescuing a dog or cat is definitely a labor of love, and is truly bringing into your home a loyal and loving family member! 

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