Monday, August 5, 2013

Marcy's Travel Blog- Twilight!

   One of my favorite times of the day, sunset and twilight! As a child, I was put to bed before the sun went down. In truth, our mother probably just needed a break, so 7:00 was a normal bed time for us. I would lay awake, listening to the children playing outside, and long to be out there in the summer evening!

   I remember the rare times when we would have company. We were allowed to stay up and play with the visitors children. We would be outside as the sun would set, the sky turning crimson and deep magenta! In the heat of summer the fire flies would come out to play. In my childhood imagination, the fireflies became fairies, dancing, flying, and playing in the evening pink glow. To me, it was a magical time. Reality faded, and all imaginary things were possible!

   As an adult, with children, work, and all the responsibilities that went with "life", I often got a small glimpse of these magical moments- all during the rush of going from one task to another. My heart would yearn to stop and watch that sunset, play with the fireflies, and just "be". But back then I worked at convincing myself I only needed five hours of sleep a night! I allowed my check-off list to be ever longer, until the "magical moments" so precious to me as a child became a fading memory.

   There were times I would be gifted with the twilight magic. I was privileged to see the sunset in many parts of the world! And there are no words grand enough to describe a sunset at thirty thousand feet! Yes, my flying career came with many such moments of sheer beauty!

   And now, finally, I give myself the gift of the sunsets, the dusk, and finally the twilight!

      Is it because I'm older that these moments of beauty again pull at my heart, cause me to pause and wax poetic? I can't say. I only know that the Universe, or Mother Nature, or what ever power there be gives us many moments of sheer magic! And I'm grateful! I cherish those sunsets, and those silvery moments of twilight when once again the world feels full of possibilities!

   To you, my dear readers, I invite you to slow yourselves, to breath deeply, to give yourselves the gift of a sunset! And as the last light begins to fade, quietly watch as that last light turns silver, and the world begins to hush. Allow your imagination turn to the things you love, the people you love. And perhaps, just perhaps, you'll be visited by some fireflies! And all imaginary things become possible!

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